How and when to apply to the University of the Czech Republic “Prihlaska”

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How to apply to a Czech university

The word přihláška comes from the verb “přihlásit se” (to sign up). How and when to apply to the University of the Czech Republic “Prihlaska”.

This document is not only an application, but in the future also the basis for the work of the selection committee (submitting the results of tests and interviews, notes, etc.). The application can be submitted in writing or electronically.

If you want the classics – no problem, just fill out and send the form by Czech mail.

If education in the Czech Republic is free, then here is an invitation – no. Electronic versions of invitations to the medical faculties of Karlov cost 820 kroons, the classical written form will cost 870, in other universities about 600. Now imagine that students usually submit invitations to 3-5 universities. These funds are spent on maintenance of the premises, printing materials, as well as the assistance of teachers during the conduct.

Students who wish to study at a Czech university in a degree program must first check the specific admission requirements on the website of their chosen institution of higher education and then submit the corresponding application to the University of the Czech Republic – Přihláška. The deadline for applying to a Czech university is usually the end of February or March, but there may be later dates. Applications for admission to a Czech university usually include a completed electronic application form to a Czech university, copies of relevant diplomas, and results of a language proficiency test.

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Depending on the specific program and university, applicants may also be required to pass entrance exams. They are mostly held from June to September or earlier for the study of art.

Foreign students who wish to study in the Czech Republic as exchange students have many options to choose from, including internships under various European and non-European mobility programs, individual study abroad programs, cooperation agreements. between university networks, summer schools and so on.

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How and when to apply to the University of the Czech Republic

You can submit several applications to different universities in the Czech Republic. Be sure to apply to the university for a fallback study in the Czech Republic if you do not enter the desired specialties. Please note that for admission to different specialties at the same faculty of the university, you must submit separate invitations. This must be clarified at each faculty separately.

Look for words on the website of the faculties

  • Přijímací řízení – description of the admission procedure
  • “Přihláška ke studiu” – submission of an invitation – application to a Czech university
  • “Podmínky pro přijímací řízení” – admission rules
  • “prominutí přijímací zkoušky” – special conditions for admission without passing entrance exams

Filling out an application to the University of the Czech Republic

How and when to apply to the University of the Czech Republic "Prihlaska"

Each university has specifics for filling out Přihláška, so always go to the official website of the university and read what is specifically written there.

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Find out until what date Přihláška can be served.

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It doesn’t matter if you want to send it by mail or fill it out through the site, you need to send it on time. For most universities, the deadline for accepting applications is February 28.

Specify accurate data without errors

The websites of universities have the exact names of the university, faculty and individual specialties.

The address of residence must correspond to that indicated in your visa documents. Be careful when translating your data into Czech.

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Write legibly.

With the electronic form, everything is clear. But, if you want to apply on the form, then it must be completed in block letters.

Do not forget about the application fee to the Czech University.

You can also pay for Přihláška after it has been submitted – several days are given for this. But if you send a paper version, then payment is made by mail, and if electronic, then directly on the university website with a card. When transferring money online, be sure to check if all the data is filled in correctly.

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