Entrance TSP test of Masarikov University. Test of mandatory learning conditions

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TSP test of Masarikov University in the Czech Republic. Test of mandatory learning conditions

The Entrance test (TSP) at Masaryk University has been applied for the first time since 2003. Successful completion of the TSP (Test studijních předpokladów) – a test of educational abilities, is a prerequisite for admission to the Law, Natural History, Economic and Administrative, Philosophical, Pedagogical faculties and the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University.

If an applicant submits applications for several specialties, the test is written only once and its results will be counted for all submitted applications.

The test tests the applicant’s ability to successfully study at Masaryk University. It consists of 70 questions divided into 7 blocks, 10 questions each. Of the five suggested answers, only one is always correct. For each correct answer, the applicant receives + 1 point, for skipping a question – 0 points, for each incorrect answer -0.25 points. The test tasks test the abilities of verbal, symbolic, analytical, numerological and critical thinking, spatial imagination and knowledge from the field of culture. The test duration is 90 minutes.

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Evaluation of test results TSP test

TSP Test of Masarikov University. To successfully pass the TSP test, you need to dial a certain “percentage”, which will be calculated based on the number of correct answers and the number of the test variant. Thus, an applicant can score a maximum of 100 percent, a minimum of 1. The percentage shows how many applicants showed the worst or the same result.

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The Required Learning Conditions test contains a total of 60 questions divided into 6 sections:

verbal thinking

numerical thinking

analytical thinking

critical thinking

spatial imagination

cultural overview

Each question offers 5 options, of which only one is correct. The test also includes questions in English. The time limit for the entire test is 100 minutes.

TSP Test of Masarikov University. You can also try individual sections right here, in a special application that gradually presents the tasks of the selected option, measures the time, records the answers and at the end evaluates the test and displays the number of points received.

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