Pros and cons of studying in the Czech Republic for foreigners

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Why I love and hate Czech Education. Advantages and disadvantages of education in the Czech Republic – truth

Czech Republic – advantages of education in Prague

I graduated from one of the most prestigious Czech universities in Prague – ČVUT. During all my studies in the Czech Republic, I have absolutely never witnessed corruption. Any gifts at the university are perceived as a bribe.

Czech universities do not incite Czechs against foreigners, and hints about your race are inappropriate.

A lot of teachers in parallel with their work at the university worked somewhere in firms. And that’s why some teachers shared very interesting information from practice. We were taught by two famous Czech lawyers and an amazing marketer. In English lessons, we had two American teachers, one from Carolina, the other from Texas, who were incredibly interesting to listen to. In general, I wanted to go to half of the classes at the ČVUT, I felt the relevance of the material received.

Advantages of Prague universities

Advantages of Prague universities

A lot of money was allocated by the state for various exchange programs, cooperation between countries. And these programs really worked. Tickets and visa costs in all cases were covered by the students themselves.

As for foreign languages, in the first year we studied Czech plus studied English, in the second year we were given a choice of a third foreign language: Spanish, German, French.

Advantages of studying in the Czech Republic. Personally, I have not bought a single textbook for the entire time of my studies at ČVUT, everything that is on the Internet was enough for me in full. At a lecture in the Czech Republic, I carried only an electronic tablet with a pen, I didn’t need anything else. There were no additional expenses during my studies.

Plus for a student in the Czech Republic – access to the national technical library. For some, this plus will seem strange, but just read about the paradise for students.

The academic load, homework and the difficulty of passing exams strongly depend on the university and the specialty in which you will study!

Advantages and disadvantages of studying in the Czech Republic

Disadvantages of studying in the Czech Republic. There is no cohesion of students and there is no cohesion of the group. There were no holidays, no trips to the university with the Czechs. Studying in the Czech Republic for me was perceived as some kind of advanced training courses – there was only the learning process and nothing else besides it.

Disadvantages of Prague universities. At the Czech university, teachers value personal space more. They prefer to communicate via email. To get to the teacher, you need to agree with him in advance about the date and time. Immediately after the lecture, the teacher runs away from the office and goes about his personal business. As I said, many teachers work somewhere in parallel, and even if you really liked the subject and you want to talk to the teacher personally, this is unlikely to be appropriate in the Czech Republic. Some teachers are even annoyed by unnecessary questions, so if you suddenly have a question, it’s better to resort to the Internet.

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At the Czech University, all students are independent. Teachers at the university could mark your presence, or they could not. Relatively speaking, it was possible to come to university lectures at any time, and leave it also at any time. If you suddenly got a call from a girlfriend, you could leave the classroom and chat in the hallway. A teacher at a university, in principle, may not know you by sight. The main role is played by the assessment on the exam in the Czech Republic, and no one cares how you earn it.

Advantages of students in Prague. The biggest plus for me is that students are not forced to study. If you don’t want to, don’t study, this is your life, everything depends only on you.

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Advantages and disadvantages of universities in the Czech Republic

In Europe, due to the law on the Protection of personal information (GDPR), each student’s grades in the Czech Republic are personally submitted to his electronic educational system. In addition, if the grades for some reason need to be posted on paper or in Excel, instead of the last name and first name, the student’s personal number is written, a long list of type 482911 E is obtained. Therefore, at the Czech university you see different faces every day and do not know who is studying worse than you and who is better.

Studies at the ČVUT took place on average three times a week. The workload of studying depends on how you make a schedule for yourself. The first courses attended lessons from 7 am, the second courses a little later, and the third courses started classes from 9-10 am. The semester schedule was sent by mail only to our stream, it was not published anywhere else. Classes lasted without changes: two lessons – a small change – two lessons– lunch break.

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Disadvantages of studying in the Czech Republic for foreigners

There are a lot of tasks in ČVUT. I have a lot of work to do during the semester. Almost every teacher gives their assignments. There are tests in some subjects every week.

I didn’t have time to pass the subject – your problems. Write down the subject again. You just need to figure out the date of delivery of tasks and be on time. With proper planning, you can also have time to earn extra money. Work in Prague for students. Says a student of the 1st year of the VŠE

Disadvantages of students in Prague. The exam can be taken by a teacher whom you don’t know at all. For example, lectures are given by one teacher, practice is conducted by another, and there are three more who teach at the other groups. On the day of the exam, they all get together and test. For the most part, the exam consists of written (theory plus practice) and oral parts. Other universities have different rules, but still all have something in common.

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Advantages of studying in the Czech Republic. You choose the date of the exam yourself from the suggested ones. For example, 5 dates are suggested. Through your personal account, you sign up for the desired date and come to take the exam. And you don’t have to go to lectures.

There are 2 attempts to pass the exam, if you fail them, then you write down the subject again and go to it as usual. If you do not pass after the second course, then you are expelled from the university. They can expel you if you don’t get a certain number of credits per semester.

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The truth about education in the Czech Republic

Disadvantages of Czech universities. Why I hate Czech Education:

  • difficult exam sessions and diploma defense
  • double standards
  • it is difficult to get into the Czech student collective, which does not exist
  • lack of team building among classmates
  • distance from teachers

Why I love Czech education:

  • greater competitiveness in the labor market
  • good preparation of students
  • free internships and study abroad
  • teaching foreign languages
  • free higher education in Czech
  • excellent dormitories
  • there is no discrimination, corruption, intolerance, propaganda and a very calm learning environment.

Pros and cons of education in the Czech Republic

I openly and honestly told the truth about education in the Czech Republic. If you choose to study in English in the Czech Republic with international students, it will be easier to integrate into the team, but the internship opportunities will be much more limited, and you will pay much more money. Charles University – the cost of studying in the Czech Republic in English.

If you choose an easy university to study at, your stress level during your studies will be much lower, but your competitiveness in the Czech labor market will also be lower.

In simple words, your competitiveness in the labor market lies in how much you have studied, how well you have learned to perform difficult tasks. It is this kind of stress-resistant manager that famous companies want to have in their team. Guys from weaker universities get into nameless companies, with less impressive salaries and bonuses.

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