Charles University – the cost of studying in the Czech Republic in English

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Cost of study in Czech Republic for international students

Degree Studies in English Language. Czech Republic education cost

Charles University offers selected degree study programs in English (it is not offered by: Catholic Theological Faculty, Hussite Theological Faculty, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Humanities). The cost of studying at Charles University in English.

Czech Republic university fees tuition fees differ from faculty to faculty:

FacultyDegreeCharles University programs in EnglishFee / per 1 academic year
Protestant Theological FacultyPh.D.Biblical Studies
Systematic and Practical Theology
Historical Theology of Religions
EUR 2,500 (FTS) (PTS)
1st Medical FacultyMaster'sGeneral MedicineCZK 325,000
DentistryCZK 360,000
Ph.D.more information
CZK 38,000 (FTS)
2nd Medical FacultyMaster'sGeneral MedicineCZK 245,000
Ph.D.Biomedicine(further information on the web site)
3rd Medical FacultyMaster'sGeneral MedicineCZK 290,000
Medical Faculty in PilsenMaster'sGeneral MedicineCZK 260,000
DentistryCZK 320,000
Medical Faculty in Hradec KrálovéMaster'sGeneral MedicineCZK 290,000
Charles University masters in EnglishDentistryCZK 320,000
Faculty of LawMaster'sInternational Master of LawUSD 6,000
Ph.DInternational Law
European Law
Environmental Law
USD 5,000
Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec KrálovéMaster'sPharmacyEUR 6,800
Ph.D.PharmacyEUR 4,000
Faculty of ArtsMaster'sAnglophone Literature and Cultures
English and American Studies
TEMA - European Territories
EUR 2,000 for EU students
EUR 6,000 for non EU
Ph.D.Text and Event in Early Modern Europe
English and American Literature
CZK 70,000
Faculty of SciencePh.D.more information
EUR 8,20 - 5,500
- according to the field of study
Faculty of Mathematics and PhysicsBachelor'sGeneral Computer ScienceEUR 3,000 for EU students
EUR 5,000 for non EU students
Master'sMathematicsEUR 3,000 for EU students
Computer ScienceEUR 5,000 for non EU students
Computer Science
Physics of Nanostructures
EUR 6,000
Faculty of EducationBachelor´sEnglish language - Music EducationEUR 6,500
Charles University bachelor programs in EnglishMusic education - Playing an instrumentEUR 6,500
Music Education - Choir ConductingEUR 6,500
Russian Language with a Focus on EducationEUR 6,500
Master'sSpecial EducationEUR 6,500 
Charles University Prague masters programs in EnglishEnglish LanguageEUR 6,500
Music EducationEUR 6,500
Playing an InstrumentEUR 6,500
Choir ConductingEUR 6,500
Ph.D.Philosophy (English)EUR 6,500
Philosophie (Deutch)EUR 6,500
Special Education (English)EUR 6,500
Sonderpädagogic (Deutch)EUR 6,500
Didactic of Mathematics (English)EUR 6,500
Faculty of Social SciencesBachelor´sEconomics and FinanceEUR 6,000
Master'sCorporate Finance and Strategy, Geopolitical Studies, International Economic and Political Studies, Transatlantic Studies, Master of Security Studies, Master in Economics and Finance
Central European Comparative Studies
European Studies
Balkan, Eurasien and Central European Studies
EUR 6,000
EUR 6,800
EUR 7,000
EUR 7,800
Ph.D.EconomicsEUR 4,000
Political Science
International Relations
Sociologytuition fees in Czech Republic
EUR 3,000
Public and Social PolicyEUR 3,000
Faculty of Physical Education and SportBachelor´sPhysiotherapyCZK 200,000
Charles University bachelor in EnglishPhysical Education and SportCZK 180,000
Master'sPhysiotherapyCZK 200,000
Charles University masters programs in EnglishPhysical Education and SportCZK 180,000
CZK 187,000
Faculty of HumanitiesBachelor'sLiberal Arts and HumanitiesEUR 2,000
Master'sGerman and French Philosophy in EuropeanEUR 9,00 for EU students
EUR 3,200 for non EU student
Historical Sociologylow tuition universities in Czech Republic for international students
EUR 2000
Oral History - Contemporary HistoryEUR 2000
Ph.D.General Anthropologycheapest university in Czech Republic for international students
EUR 2000
Environmental StudiesEUR 2000
Civil SectorEUR 2000
Historical Sociologylow tuition fee universities in Czech Republic
EUR 2000
Philosophieallemande et francaiseEUR 2000
Deutch und französische PhilosophieEUR 2000
(The Center for Economic Research
and Graduate Education - Economics Institute)
Master's - MAEconomicsEUR 12,000
Ph.D.EconomicsEUR 12,000
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FTS – Full time study / PTS – Part time study

Please note that the tuition fees are revised annually and all fees are subject to change. For updates, please see the web site of the particular faculty.

Non-Degree Programs in English

The tuition fees are various according to the program offered. For further information, please visit the web site of the respective faculty or contact the program provider directly.

Cost of studying in Czech Republic. More information

Reasons for rise of charge duty:

  1. a) longer study – article 6 of amending Act No. 6 of CU Regulations
  2. b) continuing study – article 7 of amending Act No. 6 of CU Regulations.

Procedure of student who has obtained notification of the rise of fees for study:

  • student can apply for remission, or postponement of payment date
  • if the student refers in his/her application to health grounds, social grounds, or other grounds, it is necessary that everything is duly attested
  • the application has to be delivered to the faculty in a fixed deadline- which is 60 days before payment date at the latest

(a motion tabled later can be only taken into consideration in case of special reference ground!)

The cost of studying at Charles University

Charles University - the cost of studying in the Czech Republic in English

Please note that only some Charles University faculties offer scholarships for studies in English (futher details should be obtained directly from the particular faculty). Also, many of our students have succeeded in obtaining some form of financial aid from their government or from private grant-giving bodies. In some countries it may be also possible to obtain Czech government scholarship (for studies in Czech only), for further information please contact directly the representative offices of the Czech Republic in your home country, or your Ministry of Education.

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The application and the faculty declaration is then in a fixed deadline delivered to the rector to settle Articles No. 2, 3, No. 4 of amending Act  No. 6 of CU Regulations

The cost basis is annually set by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Czech Republic (CZ info only).

The cost of studying at Charles University in English – programs of Charles University. 

Bachelor and master in the Czech Republic in English. State universities

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