Review of a student’s part-time job in Prague

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How I worked part-time in the summer of 2022 – a student’s story

I was very lucky to find a job. She started working at the Rakovského Elementary School around April. I found a vacancy on jobs.CZ . My task was to help Ukrainian students with school, teaching them the Czech language. I think I performed my duties well, because then I was offered a job in the Nová Škola project. I already worked there as a Czech tutor with groups of students.

Classes were held at the same school after lessons 2 times a week for 2 hours. In the summer, in June, the study ends, but the time of summer camps begins. In July and August, I worked as a camp counselor for a week, my duties included entertaining children and learning Czech with them (I had groups of Ukrainians).

Also in the summer I found a very interesting part-time job – in a travel agency. My duties included: meeting groups of tourists/stag/hen parties at the airport, checking them into a hotel, and various actions that they would choose: a trip to a restaurant, a walk on a historic tram, a master class in cocktail preparation, boat trips.

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Czech Republic – review of a student’s part-time job in Prague

It was a super weekend job because I was constantly speaking English (sometimes French). The majority are British and Germans. English trained very coolly with the British. But to be honest, in the beginning it was very difficult to understand the British accent, then I got used to it.

Now I have returned to work at school, but now I have a new type of contract – I am a full-time employee of the school, I am provided with insurance, free meals on work days, you can take unpaid leave. The condition is to work 20 hours a week. I also returned to the Nová Škola project, I have 6 groups of students of 4 people, I study Czech with them after lessons. I’ve taken a break from the travel agency so far, but I’ll definitely be back, I just don’t know when yet.

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Payment for a part-time student job in Prague:

At school and in the project I get 150 CZK per hour.
With tourists, payment is not by the hour, but for the event: to meet from the airport – 500 CZK, an hour boat trip – 300 CZK.

Cons of a student’s part-time job in Prague
The school is far away, an hour’s drive from the hostel, and lessons start at 8 am, so you have to get up before 6 am. With tourists, the road takes a lot of time, it takes a long time to get to them. And the time on the road, of course, is not paid. I don’t see any other disadvantages, everything suits me.

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