Part time jobs in Czech Republic for students – how to find a job in Prague

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Job search in the Czech Republic for a student. Part time jobs in Prague for international students

Part time jobs in Czech Republic for students

Student jobs in Prague. Experienced students are advised not to do anything in the first year other than preparing for admission to a Czech university and studying the Czech language in courses. If you want to learn Czech, then you won’t have time to work. If you study Czech well and prepare for university admission, then you will be glad to simply have free time to just sleep.

Will I be able to combine language courses and part-time work in Prague in the evening? You will not be able to work and study in the Czech Republic at the same time!

I advise you to wait for work until you start studying at a Czech university. Upon arrival at the language courses, you will be registered with the police (if the hostel did not do it for you) or get a residence permit, adaptation in a foreign country. Therefore, you must have sufficient funding with you for the student’s expenses.

How to get a job for a student in the Czech Republic

You can start looking for a job at the end of the first semester of study at the university if you have free time. If you don’t have free time, if you can’t cope with your studies, then you shouldn’t be looking for a job, study quietly.

Foreign students with the following permits to stay in the country can earn extra money in the Czech Republic: a student long—term visa or another residence permit (the purpose of stay is points 23, 24 and 99). Every foreign student who is on a student visa (residence permit) has the right to officially work, but not more than 300 hours per year. Although in fact you can work as much as you want. On the basis of a residence permit, you will be able to live and work in the Czech Republic for the duration of the residence permit.

Work permit for students

Work permit for foreigners

You can do resume writing in the summer — think about who you would like to work with. It is necessary to send out different resumes in Czech for different positions.

When you send your resume, do not forget to write cover letters. It can be briefly noted that you are a foreign student, and you do not need any work permit. Try to respond to vacancies, even knowing in advance that you will not be hired, at least you will see the real state of things, your real capabilities.

They respond to resumes in the Czech Republic rather slowly. It happens that you will have to wait from two weeks to a month for an answer. When interviewing for a part-time job, the main thing is to show your knowledge of Czech and communication skills, if you are called for an interview, success is guaranteed by 90 percent.

How much money can you get if you go to brigades?

When talking about paying for the work of students in the Czech Republic, be guided by such rates: for unskilled work (waiters, builders, distributors of advertising at the subway) they pay 60-90 Czech crowns per hour, for more or less qualified (transfers, reception) – 90-130, for technical and highly qualified – 130-200 Czech crowns. We are talking, of course, only about part-time work for students. In general, it is better to ask for more – in extreme cases, you will be corrected, but the request must be adequate.

How to get a job for a student in Prague, Brno

Vacancies for students are posted on the following Internet sites:

If you are a recent student, then look for a part–time job in Prague in your future specialty. A student visa allows you to work full-time, besides, employers often make concessions in the schedule due to your studies.

The following sites will be useful for finding open part-time jobs:

Obligations of foreigners in the Czech Republic – Law on foreigners, fines

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Job search in Prague for a student

Facebook is very popular in the Czech Republic – join job search groups, vacancies are added to them daily. It is worth noting that most often they are looking for unskilled workers, but perhaps this is what you are looking for.

You can also register on LinkedIn – it helps a lot. There are also vacancies for foreign students without knowledge of the language. If you want a part-time job for a student in Brno, then the best time is during the summer holidays. First, look at the bulletin boards at the department and the faculty websites – the same job ads are posted here.

Part time jobs in Czech Republic for students. There are online and offline ways to find jobs. When it comes to offline, local students often ask acquaintances. There is a QuickJOBS mobile app for searching the Internet. Employers in the Czech Republic enter their offers, and you receive a notification about a new job or internship directly to your phone, according to your pre-selected preferences.

The mobile application is based mainly on efficiency and convenience. First of all, you don’t need to look for offers anywhere, they will come to your phone. With this app, you don’t need to write letters anymore. If you are interested in the offer, immediately show interest by clicking on the “I am interested” button. If your employer in Prague chooses you, he will call you.

You can also print out in the future the reviews about yourself received through QuickJOBS and go for an interview with them. These are the grades that you are given by former employers who have experience working with you. This can be very useful for your future employer and increase your chances of getting a job.

How much do students earn in the Czech Republic?

If we are talking about part-time work, then you should not count on high incomes. For popular positions, the following hourly rates apply (wages are indicated in crowns per hour).

Cashier at the supermarket — 90-120
Sales consultant — from 100
Promoter or administrator — 100
Employee of fast food establishments — 70-80
Parcel shaper, loader — from 85
Promoter of excursions and tours — 70 and a percentage of the cost of tickets sold
Copywriter or translator — 70-120
Secretary — 80-120
Technician — 130
Waiter, bartender — 80-100 + tips

Foreigners are often taken to work in warehouses – packing fish, perfumes (about 3 euros per hour).

Flexible working hours and student work on weekends

A part-time job with a flexible schedule is an ideal solution for a student. There are more than enough offers (in Prague), you can work “for a team” in stores where there is a need to display goods in the morning or evening hours. Morning part-time jobs in hotels serving breakfast, lunch or dinner are very popular among Czech students. Many earn extra money in hotels at the reception. Hotels are willing to hire foreigners, and pay from 80 kronor per hour. In restaurants and fast-food outlets, the situation is similar: “help” is often required in the morning or in the evening during rush hour.
If you have free time from writing homework on weekends, the tourism sector will be a good option. Accompanying groups and promotions have long been popular among foreign students.

Part time jobs in Prague for english speakers students. If you have a knowledge of Czech and a good knowledge of English (and even better, German), then you have a direct path to tourism or trade (clothing or shoe stores up to 5 euros per hour). These are probably one of the few areas where employers are happy to arrange a foreigner – it is more profitable for them than to arrange a Czech.

Part time jobs in Prague for students. Prague is famous for its abundance of tourists and a multilingual seller is always needed. This also includes hotel receptionists (about 4 euros per hour), waiters and other professions where knowledge of foreign languages is necessary.

Working in trade or hotel business and tourism, especially after taking certain steps up the career ladder, foreigners can acquire useful acquaintances and move to where it is “warmer”, or save up money and go into their business. As you study Czech, there are more opportunities – the work of a promoter is popular among students (you can get 7 euros per hour).

Brigáda – part time jobs in Czech Republic for students 

Some students do not have a permanent job, but work part-time for hot vacancies. On the job search website in Czech , find the word brigade “brigády” (part-time work). We are talking about temporarily limited offers, for example, a gift packer to a cosmetics store before Christmas, or a promoter for a promotion.

Sometimes there are permanent teams, if you like them, they can leave you for part-time work longer. According to the experience of some students, it is realistic to provide yourself with money, even while studying. The longer you are here and the better the Czech – even more real. A lot depends on the person, how quickly he adapts, what knowledge he had before that, what he can do.

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We also advise you to avoid unskilled labor – you should not go to guides, hand out papers on the street – they pay pennies, there is no sense. We especially strongly advise you to ignore vacancies with sales.

Work at home for students in the Czech Republic

Work at home is attractive because it can be done at a convenient time. Students with good language skills often translate articles or “copywrite” remotely. Undergraduates earn extra money as tutors for applicants, exam preparation classes, languages and exact sciences are in demand. The average cost of 1 hour of work is 200 CZK.

Part time jobs in Czech Republic for students – contract and taxes

When you come to get a job in Prague (as well as when you work), always be properly and appropriately dressed according to the situation. Based on this, the employer can assess how seriously you want to get a job as a student in the Czech Republic.

Laughter and humor are also very important, people love colleagues who bring positive energy to the team.

When applying for a job, you will most likely have to sign a contract. In general, if the work is one–time, you can get paid for the work in cash, but you can be deceived. Most likely, one of two types of contracts will be signed with you – DPP or DPP. DPP differs in that it allows you to work no more than 300 hours with one employer per year (respectively, the work turns out to be quite short-term). DPČ allows you to work no more than 20 hours a week, with no restrictions per year.

You will have to pay income tax. To calculate how much money you will receive after taxes, you should use a calculator

The only unknown item for you will be “prohlášení“. If you sign this document when applying for a job, you will be given a tax discount of more than 2000 CZK per month.

What’s the catch? And the fact is that you can only sign it with one employer. That is, for example, if you found a job and signed this document, and then found something better, then you can no longer sign it from the second employer. We’ll have to cancel it at the first one first.

Part time job in Czech Republic for international students 

The salary of a student in the Czech Republic is paid in 99% of cases by bank transfer, so be sure to issue a Czech bank card during your studies. A good employer will definitely sign a contract with you, remind him about “prohlášení”! Ignore dishonest employers, do not work in a black way!

Be diligent and, most importantly, reliable. Sometimes do work that goes beyond the description of your work in the Czech Republic. You may be rewarded not only with a better financial reward, but perhaps with a better position or recommendation.

Where to look for new vacancies and teams in Prague, in the Czech Republic?

Here you will find any vacancies for a job, a team or permanent employment in the Czech Republic (there are also promising vacancies from other European countries, but with a branch in the Czech Republic):

  • / (Brigades for everyone, short-term and long-term brigades in Prague, Brno and Plzni, for everyone who wants to find a worthwhile part-time job)

Student Employment Agencies:

Agencies offer comprehensive assistance in selecting jobs in Prague, the Czech Republic, of course, for a certain percentage of your first salary

ÚŘAD PRÁCE – a list of available jobs in employment ministries throughout the Czech Republic.

So, you can work and earn extra money while studying. There are enough offers on the labor market, and a student visa allows you to work legally within the framework of legislation. Income from part-time work can be 6 000-10 000 CZK, and work in companies in the specialty from 17 000 and above.

The main thing to remember is why you came to the Czech Republic. If this is an education, then plan your activities not to the detriment of your main goal.

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