Work permit after studying in the Czech Republic and residence permit

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Post study work permit in Czech Republic. Residence permit in the Czech Republic after graduation

Work card for graduates of Czech universities

Residence permit in the Czech Republic after graduation. For graduates of Czech universities, there is a non-dual mode (Czech. neduální režím) of the work card. The difference is that a permit is not formally required to work in the Czech Republic after studying (povolení k prácí).

Work permit in the Czech Republic after university. But since you are a non-EU foreigner, you need to have a document on the basis of which you will reside after graduation from a Czech university – a residence permit. Therefore, you apply for a work card or another residence permit, but you do not need to wait for its approval, you can go to work. This allows Zákon o zaměstnanosti č. 435/2004 Sb. § 98 o) .
You are also not subject to the rules of waiting for 3 months, here you are on equal rights with citizens. Unfortunately, this regime does not apply to you if you have only a nostrified foreign diploma.

A work permit is also not required after graduation from school or gymnasium in the Czech Republic.

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Residence permit in the Czech Republic for job search after university

Post study work permit in Czech Republic. With a student visa, you can stay in the Czech Republic for the entire duration of your studies and until graduation. After studying, the visa can be changed from a student visa to a visa for finding a job or starting a business (Czech. hledání zaměstnání nebo zahájení podnikání). It is issued once in a lifetime and is valid for nine months. During this time, the graduate must find a job or start a business. By the way, in this case, the law does not apply 5 years of waiting for the transition to an entrepreneurial visa. After starting a business, you can immediately request a visa for an entrepreneur. This visa cannot be obtained if you do not have a completed education in the Czech Republic.

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Visa to the Czech Republic after studying to find a job. This type of residence permit officially appeared in July 2019. Before that, it was under consideration by the Parliament. Currently, this law is in force, and university graduates can apply for a type of residence permit in the Czech Republic to find a job without explanation. The documents for a residence permit are the same as for the extension of a study residence permit, only instead of confirmation from the university, you need to attach a university graduation diploma. It is necessary to apply no later than the last day of the validity of the current residence permit. Further extension for the same purpose will not be possible.

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A work contract and a blue card are the best and reliable option to stay in the Czech Republic after graduation

How to stay in the Czech Republic after graduation?

You need to find a job and sign a work contract. A work contract is better than other grounds, because you will have:

  • livelihood
  • health insurance
  • social insurance

But just like that, you will not be able to sign a working contract with the company you like. In the Czech Republic, there are protective laws that allow employers to hire foreigners only if they do not find a suitable Czech or Czech woman for a specific workplace. Therefore, you will have to go through the procedure “Publication of a vacancy in the register of the labor exchange” together with the employer. Then wait for some time, get permission from the Czech authorities that you can take a foreigner to this workplace

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Only after such a procedure, you can sign a work contract.

With a work permit and a work contract in hand, you apply for a blue card. The deadline for reviewing the application for a blue card (without all preliminary steps) is 90 days. The blue card must be renewed every two years until permanent residence is obtained. In this case, you can apply for permanent residence after 5 years of stay in the Czech Republic, and study is counted as half of the term (a year of study — 6 months of stay).

Extending a student visa in the Czech Republic – residence permit

How to get a work permit in the Czech Republic for foreigners

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