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Czech blue card for foreign citizens in the Czech Republic: requirements, documents, registration procedure, deadlines. Modrá karta – recommendations

What is a Blue Card in the Czech Republic 2022?

Despite some national differences, the Czech Blue Card is in many ways similar to the EU Blue Card. At the same time, the complexity of its design is not too superior to other types of work permits in the Czech Republic. The blue card is a special permit for a long–term stay in the Czech Republic for the purpose of working in special cases for highly qualified specialists and their family members.

What is Modrá karta? Modrá karta is the name of the blue card in the Czech Republic for foreigners and combines a residence permit and a work permit.

Where to check the list of professions for the Czech blue card

As mentioned earlier, only highly qualified foreigners who are in demand on the labor market can apply for the Blue Card of the Czech Republic. For the Czech Republic, these are doctors of the highest category, professional programmers, managers and highly qualified engineers. You can find a detailed list of vacancies suitable for obtaining a blue card in the Czech Republic on the website of the Czech Register of Vacancies. The new portal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is available at Each of the vacancies has basic information about this job, as well as an application form for a Blue card to the Czech Republic.

Website for job search in the Czech Republic for the blue card

Website of the Employment Office of the Czech Republic:

Websites for IT specialists in the Czech Republic:

  • / (English, all over Europe)
  • / (English/Czech)
  • / (English/Czech)

How to get Modrá karta

Only those foreign citizens who have relevant diplomas of education can apply for vacancies for which Modrá karta is required for employment. How do I get a Czech blue card? Minimum requirements for the blue card: completed higher education or higher special education with a study period of at least 3 years.

Blue card Czech Republic salary. Within the framework of Czech legislation, a Blue Card will be issued to a foreigner only if he enters into a contract with a local employer in which a salary 1.5 times higher than the average salary in the Czech Republic will be prescribed.

The search for vacancies for the blue card is possible not only through the registry. Thus, foreigners are often employed in the Czech Republic through professional social networks, such as Linkedin. In this case, the employer will be able to create a vacancy in the register, to which a foreigner will respond. After that, the foreigner will be able to apply for a Blue Card in the Czech Republic.

The process of obtaining a blue card in the Czech Republic

Send resume to employer for blue card

There is a “Whom to contact” button near each vacancy on the registry website. By clicking on it, the applicant receives the contacts of the employer of interest. For a prompt response to a vacancy, it is recommended to immediately send a resume with a cover letter to the specified email address.

When preparing documents for a blue card, you need to contact the employer and agree on the terms of an employment contract, because when applying for a Blue Card, you need to attach an employment contract signed with the employer

Czech Republic blue card requirements

Confirmation of the qualifications of a foreign citizen is not always required, but there are professions for which this moment is mandatory. These include doctors and other medical personnel. Diplomas of representatives of these specialties are necessarily nostrified.

Medical doctors, dentists and pharmacists who are interested in working in the Czech Republic in their specialty and who do not have professional qualifications confirmed by another EU member state must first pass a qualification exam. The same requirement applies to other medical professions. More information about this can be found from the employer or on the Internet on the web pages of the Ministry of Health: , in the section “Education and confirmation of qualifications”.

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Who should submit a Czech tax declaration

Documents for obtaining a blue card to work in the Czech Republic:

  • applications for a blue card printed from an internet page with the applicant’s handwritten signature. The application for the Czech blue card is filled out in Czech by hand in block letters or directly in computer form,
  • valid passport of the applicant with a validity period of at least 90
  • days longer than the expected validity period of the blue card;
  • nostrification of a diploma of higher education with a list of subjects studied and academic hours, which is a confirmation of the qualification of the chosen specialty. The dissertation certificate of a candidate or doctor of sciences will certainly play an additional role, as well as letters of recommendation from previous employers;
  • a signed contract with an employer for a period of at least 1 year, indicating the length of the working week provided for by law and the amount of wages, which should be at least 1.5 times the average wage in the Czech Republic
  • if members of his family are going to the Czech Republic together with the future owner of Modrá karta, then it is necessary to collect documents for them, make a notarized translation into Czech and submit to the Czech Embassy, provided they are in their country. Subsequently, these documents are sent for more detailed verification to the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • a copy of a valid passport and all Schengen visas affixed to it;
  • two modern biometric photos of 3.5 x 4.5 cm (from the spouse and children, if any);
  • an extract from the register of punishments (certificate of non-conviction) of the country of which the applicant is a citizen, as well as a similar document from the country in which the foreigner has been continuously staying for more than 6 months over the past 3 years;
  • bank account statement, certified by the official seal of the bank, and a plastic card of the bank.

Registration of Czech medical insurance policies can be done remotely after the decision on the blue card is received.

A detailed description of these requirements is available here and general information about Blue card applications is available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

In what order to collect documents for the Czech blue card

All documents for the Czech blue card in a foreign language, with the exception of a foreign passport and a document equivalent to it, must be translated into Czech by an official (judicial) translator. All of the above documents must not be older than 180 days, with the exception of a foreign passport and an equivalent document and photo, if it corresponds to reality.

Personal experience of obtaining a blue card in the Czech Republic

Feedback on receiving a Czech blue card. First, I requested documents from the Czech Republic: an employment contract, a residence document. When the postal service announced the date of delivery of the documents, I moved on to the next stage. I applied in my country for a certificate stating that I had no criminal record. The certificate will be ready in a month.
I made an appointment at the Czech consulate in my country. I chose a time with a margin so that the certificate of criminal record was definitely ready. I collected the remaining documents: I ordered a translation of the diploma page and filled out an application for a blue card.

Where to apply for a Czech Blue Card

Application for a blue card. Applicants who are interested in working in the Czech Republic must apply to the Czech Consulate on a territorial basis.

The application for an blue card is submitted at the relevant embassy of the Czech Republic in accordance with with Decree of the Ministry of Interior No. 429/2010 Coll. (278.86 kB), which defines exceptions from the obligation of a foreigner to apply for a visa or residence permit at the locally relevant embassy. Citizens of countries that are stated in this Decree may submit an blue card application at any embassy of the CR.

Tips for getting a blue card in the Czech Republic

Modrá karta – recommendations. The order of registration of the blue card. Start collecting documents for the blue card by requesting those documents that should be sent to you from the Czech Republic.
When you receive the documents from the Czech Republic and make sure that everything is in order with them and make an appointment to submit documents to the Consulate.
Collect the documents in a certain sequence so that they are still valid by the right date.
Carefully check your data in all documents so that they match your passport.
On the day of submission, do not forget to take copies of all documents with you to the consulate, money to pay the fee of 1000 CZK.

Terms of registration of the blue card in the Czech Republic

Applications for a Blue Card are considered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic (Interior Ministry of the Czech Republic). The review period is no more than 90 days from the date of submission of documents. The validity of the Blue Card exceeds the validity of the concluded work contract by three months. The maximum validity period of the Blue Card is two years.

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If three months have passed and you still haven’t received a decision, call the Czech Consulate in your city and your employer in the Czech Republic.

The Consulate, as a rule, informs the applicant about the decision to issue a Blue Card within 2 months after submitting the documents. In case of a positive decision, you must present a document on the conclusion of medical insurance. The consulate will issue you a one-time visa to receive a Blue Card. With this visa, you will come to the Czech Republic to receive a blue card.

Checking the visa status

Procedure for obtaining a blue card in the Czech Republic

1. Terms of obtaining a blue card in the Czech Republic. How to get a blue card in the Czech Republic upon arrival. Within three working days upon arrival in the Czech Republic, you must register at your place of residence. When registering with the police for foreign citizens, a document on housing provision is presented – a lease agreement.

2. You must also come to the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at your place of residence within three days after your arrival to submit the biometric data necessary for the registration of the “blue card”. Submit documents: an employment contract, a document on housing and insurance. You will be recorded on the nearest date to take a photo and take fingerprints. A fee of 2500 CZK is paid for receiving a Blue Card.

3. The blue card is issued within two months. I had a blue card made for 15 days. But from the moment you submit your application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, you can officially start working.

If during the next two years a foreigner with a blue card of the Czech Republic is not brought to criminal responsibility, and also retains his former workplace, he will receive a new document valid for the same two years.

Renewal of the Blue Card in the Czech Republic

The maximum validity period of the Czech blue card is two years. An employment contract can be issued for such a period, but most often it is concluded for 12 months. After the expiration of the blue card, you will need to renew it. This should be done in advance — even before the expiration of the primary document.

It is not difficult to extend a Blue Card in the Czech Republic if a foreign citizen continues to work for a company with which he previously concluded an agreement. If, at the end of the contract, the specialist decides to change the employer, he is obliged to inform the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about this. In this case, a new employment agreement is concluded, on the basis of which the blue card is extended.

If the contract with the first company is terminated, and a new one is not concluded, the specialist has 3 months to search for work — until the expiration of the work permit. If a foreigner does not find a job during this period, he will not be able to extend the blue card and will be forced to leave the Czech Republic.

The rights and duties of foreigners with permanent residence. Deprivation of permanent residence

Advantages of a blue card in the Czech Republic for foreigners

A blue card in the Czech Republic allows its holder not only to stay in the country for at least two years and during this time freely move around the European Union, but also to work. If the company that hired him changes his location within the Czech Republic, then he moves freely with her, and all the costs of moving to a new place of residence are borne by the employer.

In addition, the advantage of the Czech blue card for foreigners:

  • obtaining permanent residence after 5 years of having a blue card;
  • family reunification – this procedure can be carried out immediately. This definition includes not only a spouse with children, but also retired parents (over the age of 65) who are dependent or require constant care;
  • periodic trips to the Homeland, if it is required not only by “industrial necessity”, but also by family circumstances.

How to get a work permit in the Czech Republic for foreigners

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