The rights and duties of foreigners with permanent residence in the Czech Republic. Deprivation of permanent residence

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Advantages of permanent residence in the Czech Republic: rights and obligations. For what they can deprive permanent residence

What are the advantages of permanent residence in the Czech Republic

Permanent residence is almost citizenship, the difference is only in the absence of the right to vote. Permanent residence is issued for life, and a biometric card for 10 years! Moreover, now not just permanent residence is issued, but permanent residence and the status of a long-term resident of the EU (Czech. Dlouhodobě pobývající rezident v ES).

The rights of foreigners in the Czech Republic with permanent residence

  • the right to indefinite stay in the Czech Republic — forget about extensions of permanent residence in the Czech Republic. A foreigner has the right to live according to it in the Czech Republic all his life;
  • The right to permanent residence medical insurance in the Czech Republic is the same as for all EU citizens. The holder of a residence permit has only Czech state insurance. For permanent residence holders, health insurance works in all EU countries;
  • free medical insurance for children — your children from the moment of birth are provided with free medical care from VZP, VOZP or other insurance general health insurance system the right to receive mortgages and loans on a par with Czechs;
  • the right to free access to the labor market and the conclusion of employment contracts. Holders of permanent residence, along with students, graduates of universities, are exempt from obtaining a work permit from the employment bureau of Úřad práce. The right to be first in line for any workplace among foreigners. First come the Czechs, then EU citizens and permanent residence holders, and only then all other foreigners.
  • minimum mortgage rates. Mortgages are now available to all foreigners with incomes in the Czech Republic, but the holders of permanent residence have a lower interest rate and reaches 1.5% per annum;
  • the right to simplified relocation to other EU countries — in accordance with the EU Directive 2003/109/ES, it is enough for you to notify the authorities of the new country within 3 months after moving, and it is no longer required to request a visa or residence permit through the embassy; it is worth noting that you do not have the right to free access to the labor market, unlike from the citizens of the Czech Republic;
  • reduction of tariffs, cancellation of the pledge — foreigners with permanent residence pay a lower fee when registering a marriage, are exempt from the pledge when receiving literature in foreign languages at the National Technical Library, are exempt from the pledge for the key when renting bank cells, etc.
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Duties of foreigners with permanent residence in the Czech Republic

  • mandatory participation in general health insurance. Within 8 days after the entry into force of the decision on permanent residence in the Czech Republic, you must apply to VZP, VOZP or another insurance company for Czechs, register there and start paying contributions in the amount of 13.5% of your salary before taxes;
  • change of residence permit — as before, you are obliged to inform about the change of your residence address within 30 days; however, permanent residence holders have this obligation only when moving for more than 180 days;
  • exchange of a biometric card once every 10 years — by the end of the card’s validity period, you need to apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a new one; you won’t believe it, but only an old card and a valid passport are enough for exchange.
  • The issue of insurance is extremely important, pay special attention to it. With the purchase of permanent residence, you are required to become a member of the general health insurance system. Even housewives and other unemployed people who are not on the labor exchange are required to pay contributions — they are called BOZP. Everyone is required to pay 13.5% of the minimum wage.

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Deprivation of permanent residence in the Czech Republic

Permanent residence is granted for life, but in accordance with Section 77 of Law 326/1999 Sb. “On the stay of foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic” it can be selected. For what they can deprive permanent residence in the Czech Republic:

  • received permanent residence as a result of forgery of documents, fictitious marriage;
  • He has been outside the Czech Republic continuously for more than 6 years;
  • I have been outside the EU continuously for more than 12 months, this rule does not apply to cases of pregnancy, childbirth, study abroad, foreign business trips;
  • he was sentenced by the court of the Czech Republic to a minimum of 3 years of real imprisonment;
  • he was repeatedly convicted by the court of the Czech Republic for a real term of imprisonment;
  • did not report the birth of a child within 60 days;
  • poses a danger to public order and security of the Czech Republic or other EU countries.
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