Czech Citizenship Exam. Czech citizenship test and personal experience in Prague

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Czech citizenship language test. How to pass the Czech citizenship exams: sections, duration, questions, tips

The exam is taken only at UJOP, no other institution has this right. The law of the Czech Republic says that the exam is taken only by a member of ALTE — an association of leading national organizations engaged in testing the knowledge of a language as a foreign language. In Czech, there is only one member of the ALTE — UJOP in the Czech Republic. Ustav Jazykove A Odborné Připravy / Institute of vocational and linguistic training UK.

Actually, not all applicants for citizenship take the exam. Those who have studied for at least 3 years in the Czech language at a Czech primary, secondary school or university are exempt from taking the Czech citizenship exam. Persons under 15 or over 65 years of age do not take the exam, as well as those who, due to physical or mental disabilities, cannot learn the language.

The cost of Czech citizenship. For the citizenship exam, they had to pay 4,900 Czech crowns: 1,600 for checking knowledge about the Czech Republic – Czech realities and 3,300 Czech crowns for the Czech language.

Registration for the Czech citizenship exam

You need to make an appointment in advance on the website

You can find the online application form after selecting the testing location.

As in the permanent residence exam, passing the Czech citizenship exam will take a whole day. By 9:30, you had to come to the training center for registration, where police officers in police uniforms checked the documents, and then an employee of the training center puts a non-removable bracelet of a certain color on your hand, gives you a pencil and stickers with your ID to indicate the work.

Czech Citizenship Exam process in Prague

Those who take two parts of the exam in one day have one color, those who take today only one citizenship exam in Czech realities have a different color of the bracelet, those who take the citizenship exam in the Czech language have a third. I passed both parts, so I had a blue bracelet color, I went to the offices with a blue sign.

Passing the citizenship exam Czech realities

The exam on Czech realities for citizenship covers the basics of Czech law, state structure, geography, history, education, and the labor market. For example, how old is primary education in the Czech Republic, what does the building of the National Theater or the National Museum look like, where you need to apply for unemployment benefits, where is such a river or a national park.

The exam on Czech realities began at 10:00 and was held in the form of a test with 30 questions and a choice of 1 answer for each. You are given 30 minutes to take the exam.

I had no problems with passing the exam for Czech citizenship, I was mistaken only on the question of what phone number the national police had.

Czech citizenship language test

Tips for the Czech citizenship exam. On the website

you can test your strength in the trial test of the Czech citizenship exam. Most likely, you will pass the exam successfully if you travel a lot around the Czech Republic, have lived in the country for more than one year and have bypassed various state institutions.

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Czech citizenship test

Czech language test for obtaining Czech citizenship NANEČISTO

Recommendations. I wrote the test quickly: I read the question once, thought for a couple of seconds and answered. As a result, I passed the test in 15 minutes. At the same time, I was one of the last: the first ones started taking the test after literally five minutes!

I don’t understand how they could write a test so quickly. Probably memorized all the questions and answers from the database. One of the relatively difficult issues was the amount of the fee for the registration of entrepreneurial activity.

How to pass the Czech Written citizenship exam

At 11 a.m., the written exam for citizenship in Czech, consisting of 3 parts, began.

  • 50 minutes are given for reading the text and answers to questions,
  • 30 minutes for listening
  • 60 minutes to compose.

The Czech citizenship exam in Prague is not like a regular language exam. I already noticed on the permanent residence exam that nowhere is it indicated which level of CEFR (A1, A2, B1, etc.) it corresponds to. The exam aims to test the practical language, so there are no tasks for conjugations, declensions in the entire written part at all.

In the part with texts, you need to read several texts and answer questions. But many of the questions are there with a trick, it’s not enough to find the right keywords in the text. For example, there was an advertising text about washing machines and a number of questions were asked, among which there was one about whether it saves washing powder.

There is not a word about it directly in the text, but it is indicated that the machine saves water thanks to intelligent control, which uses exactly as much water as the powder was added. If you think logically, you can put less powder into it and at the same time the machine will ensure the proper level of its concentration in water, so everything is washed normally.

During the listening session, a ton of confusing and mostly redundant information fell out in the form of, for example, an interview with an athlete who talked about his career and family. He jumped from one topic to another, the speech was accompanied by background noise. Even I, with my obviously good language, did not answer the first time, I always listened twice. On one of the recordings, it was necessary to answer almost a dozen questions in parallel. Read almost 10 questions, keep them in mind and, when listening to a confusing recording, remember the exact numbers, dates, family ties and sequence in the athlete’s life on all 10 diverse issues.

At the essay, everyone had a couple of topics, it was necessary to choose one of them. I had one about the role of men and women at work, and the second about raising children. The volume was 2 A4 sheets, the time was given one hour. The essay had to be written in the format of a “letter to a friend”, with appropriate greetings, goodbyes and style.

The instructions for the essay indicated that it was possible to write, including in block letters, distinguishing capital and capital letters only by size. The written part of the exam ended around 14:00 — it remains to pass only oral Czech.

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Experience of passing the Czech Oral citizenship exam

At the oral part, abstract topics were asked, it was necessary to tell and compose. The exam is built as objectively as possible. If you can’t tell the story yourself for all the given time, then the teacher opens a huge tutorial with questions and asks from it. Grades are given to you by the other two teachers, and during the entire exam you are recorded separately by 2 dictaphones.

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After that, the general part of the oral examination of Czech citizenship begins, when you need to talk with your partner. Tell each other about some of their affairs, plans. Tasks are given that need to be solved together: we had to choose one of the sports in the picture and agree on when and where we would go to it. It is impossible to get rid of monosyllabic phrases, there should be a detailed and maximally natural discussion. I felt pretty bad because I had to tell a non-existent situation.

Review of the Czech citizenship exam. The citizenship exam in Prague is not as simple as it may initially seem. Many foreigners do not leave Prague and do not know where any mountains, rivers, cities are. Foreigners work in English-speaking firms and do not know Czech.

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Recommendations of the Czech Citizenship exam

  • Check yourself, and it’s better to do it twice: mistakes can be made in places where in a calm atmosphere you would never have allowed them.
  • Not all test tasks can be equally easy, so don’t get stuck for a long time on questions that you can’t answer right off the bat. Write down first all the answers that you know – after that you can safely return to those that caused the difficulty.
  • It is not easy for many to write a competent and coherent letter, statement or review, even in their own language, therefore, when expressing thoughts in Czech, try to follow the course of the narrative and not complicate the construction of sentences where this can not be done.
  • Don’t take any chances: if you are not sure of the correctness of the word or expression you want to use, replace it with a suitable synonym.
  • When you finish writing the text, read it aloud in a whisper – some mistakes are not visible at close range until you hear them.
  • Read the tasks very carefully. It often happens that the written text does not contain a single grammatical error, but it does not answer the task at all, and therefore does not count.

The result of the Czech citizenship exam

Czech citizenship language test. Checking the exam papers takes up to a month. Then on the UJOP website

I entered my code and got a positive result! After a while, a cardboard envelope with a certificate of passing the Czech citizenship exam was placed in my mailbox at the place of registration. The certificate of passing the exam came in a simple letter.

Czech citizenship test in Prague. You can take the Czech citizenship exams an unlimited number of times. It’s just that you will have to pay anew for each attempt.

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