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How to get a czech passport 2022: terms, oath, change of name and documents, the cost of a biometric passport

In this article, I considered the issue of applying for citizenship: requirements, list of documents, waiting times. In today’s article we will look at what happens after the approval of the application and how the process of obtaining a Czech passport takes place.

Waiting for consideration and submission of documents

Your application will be considered for approximately 1 to 1.5 years — according to reviews on the Internet, sometimes it is considered faster, sometimes slower, but these are approximate terms. During this time, you may receive a letter (or a notification by databox, if you have one) about the delivery of documents. They can request from you, for example:

  • Fresh confirmation from the place of work
  • Certificate of current place of residence
  • Proof of non-criminal record (if, for example, you have lived abroad for some time in recent years)
  • Missing references from the original package of documents

You may also be invited to a personal interview at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 60 days are provided for the delivery of documents, but you can request a longer period if there is a good reason for that.

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Notification of approval of the application for citizenship

Guide to obtaining a czech passport. After successful consideration of your candidacy in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the package of documents will be redirected to the Obecní úřad at your place of residence. Next, you should be contacted by Oddělení matrik a státního občanství employees — most often this is done by phone or by e-mail.

The process of obtaining a czech passport. At this stage, you are not yet a citizen, because you have yet to take the oath of the Czech Republic at a solemn ceremony (státoobčanský slib). Accordingly, you will need to agree with Yandex.metrica on the date when you will be able to come to the final stage of obtaining citizenship. Depending on the number of applicants in your area, the nearest available date may be a week or two months after the approval of the application. According to the law, you have 12 months to take the oath, so the delay should not be a problem.

How to get a passport in the Czech Republic 2022

Solemn oath in the Czech republic

On the day of the ceremony, you will need to come at the appointed time to Městský úřad, taking with you a passport, a permanent residence card and 2000 crowns in the form of stamp stamps (kolek). A Yandex.Metrica employee will ask you to sign the citizenship award notification, after which you will be invited to the ceremonial hall.

There is no dress code set at the ceremony, so come as you see fit. A metrica employee will make a solemn speech, you will say the words of the oath, play the anthem and the ceremony will be over — you will be handed a confirmation of becoming a citizen of the Czech Republic. In normal times, citizenship is awarded to several people at the same time, but due to the pandemic, the ceremonies are temporarily held individually.

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Name change upon receipt of a Czech passport

When issuing citizenship, the Ministry of Internal Affairs relies on your birth certificate, not your passport. Accordingly, a certificate of citizenship will be issued according to the transliteration of a foreign name at birth into Czech. If your name is Viktor Robertovich Tsoi, then in Czech documents you will immediately turn into Viktor Robertovich Coj. If you want to turn back into Viktor Tsoi, you need to apply for a name change.

  • The patronymic (it is also the middle name) can be removed for free by filling in the Czech prohlášení
  • The name can be changed for a fee of 1000 CZK (template)
  • The surname can be changed for a fee of 100 crowns (template)

The fee for name change is paid in cash. The application is submitted in the same place where you were awarded citizenship and most often it can be done immediately after the ceremony. Consideration of the application will take about a week, after which you can proceed to applying for a Czech birth certificate.

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Temporary identity card and change of address

Faq for obtaining a passport in the Czech Republic. According to Czech laws, every Czech citizen living in the country is obliged to have an občanský prúkaz. Therefore, approximately three days after the ceremony, you need to apply for a temporary identity card — občanský prówkaz s dobou platnosti na 3 měsíce. It is necessary to wait 3 days for the entry about the new citizenship to appear in the register of residents of the Czech Republic (Registr Obyvatel). If you have a databox, you will receive a notification about a change in the registry entry in real time.

Faq of passport registration in the Czech Republic. To submit an application, you must:

  • An existing identity card (for example, your foreign passport)
  • Certificate of current place of residence (extract from the real estate cadastre, lease agreement, confirmation of the apartment owner)
  • Confirmation of entry into Czech citizenship
  • Standard format photo
  • Fee 100 CZK (in cash)

Guide to obtaining a passport in the Czech Republic. The application is submitted to the městský úřad at the place of residence, the document must be issued 1 day in advance. Initially, the same name will be indicated in the certificate as in the confirmation of citizenship, that is, according to the official transliteration.

Similarly, when obtaining citizenship, you will be made “homeless” by default, that is, you will be registered at the address of the city administration. Therefore, when applying for a temporary certificate, you must simultaneously notify the městský úřad of the actual place of stay so that the correct address is registered in the temporary document.

Change of Czech documents

Advice for obtaining a passport in the Czech Republic. Since your status in the country has now changed, you need to exchange some documents:

The permanent residence card must be submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs — from the date of entry into citizenship it is considered invalid

The VZP insurance card must be exchanged for a new one by going to the office of the insurance company with a copy of the proof of citizenship. The old card will be taken away from you, temporarily issuing a confirmation of the validity of the insurance. A new card will be sent in a few weeks by mail. If your insurance is not VZP — check with them the procedure, some companies send a new card by mail without visiting the office.

A driver’s license can be exchanged for a new one if your name has changed as a result of transliteration.

If desired, you can also exchange documents in private organizations (for example, bank cards), but this is not necessary, especially if you plan to change the “Czech” name back to the original one according to a foreign passport.

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Czech birth certificate

Advice on passport registration in the Czech Republic. After the review of the application for name change is completed, you can submit an application for the issuance of Czech metrics (rodný list). Metrics will be issued to your “new” name, that is, Viktor Tsoi will be immediately recorded as Viktor Tsoi. Formally, an application will be submitted for the registration of a newborn (Žádost o zápis narození), since there is no separate form for the registration of new Czech citizens yet.

The application on your behalf will be submitted by Metrica employees, attaching a copy of your original birth certificate to it. It will be sent to a special matrix in Brno and in about a month you will receive a new rodný list by mail. If for some reason you cannot personally receive the document (for example, you need to temporarily go abroad), you can specify the name and address of the authorized person who will receive the documents by mail when submitting the application. You can also ask to send a rodný list to the address of the local metric instead of the home address.

Receipt and cost of a Czech passport

Instructions for issuing a passport in the Czech Republic. If you want to travel outside the Czech Republic, you need either a full-fledged biometric Czech passport občanský prówkaz, or a Czech passport. A biometric certificate can be obtained only on the basis of Czech metrics, therefore, before they are issued, the only option for leaving abroad is a passport. It can be obtained immediately after receiving a temporary identity card for a fee of 600 (30 working days), 3000 (5 working days) or 6000 (1 working day) CZK.

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Biometric identity card in the Czech Republic

Instructions for obtaining a biometric Czech passport. After you receive Czech metrics by mail, you can apply for a full-fledged identity card. For this, you will have to pay a fee of 250 CZK and wait 5 working days. This will be your main document while living in the Czech Republic, and you can also visit all EU countries with this card, without having to take your passport with you. If desired, the certificate can also be used as an electronic key, for this you will have to purchase a separate card reader.

Rating of the Czech passport in the world

Czech passport rating 2022. The Czech Republic has entered the TOP 30 countries with passports of which it is easiest to travel around the world. Citizens of these States do not need a visa to visit most countries or can obtain an entry permit on the spot. A Czech passport allows you to freely visit 152 countries. The first place in the ranking was taken by the German passport.

The rating is published annually by the website Changes in it depend on new agreements on trips to different countries without visas. In general, the compilers of the list evaluated the passports of 199 countries of the world. The Czech Republic took 7th place, ahead of Hungary, Malta and Poland. Germany, Sweden, Singapore, Denmark and Finland took the first places.

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