Amendments to the Law on the Stay of Foreigners in the Czech Republic

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Act on the residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic and on amendments to certain laws. One of the important aspects of the residence of foreign students in the Czech Republic is the observance of the Law on the stay of foreigners, which also implies the timely extension of a visa or residence permit.

The law on the residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic, which entered into force on July 31, 2019

amendments to Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic

1. From now on, it will not be necessary to change the biometric card when changing the address, BUT notice of a change of address must, as before, within 30 days.

2. Students of secondary schools, gymnasiums, conservatories and VOŠ will automatically receive a residence permit for the purpose of “ostatní”, and not a student visa / residence permit. The advantage is that on this visa / residence permit, a year is counted as a year. And this means an opportunity to get permanent residence faster, even for those who are actually students. There will also be an opportunity to work.

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3. For graduates of Czech universities, a new residence permit will appear in order to find a job or prepare for entrepreneurial activity. Will be issued for 9 months.

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4. When applying or renewing a student residence permit, financial resources can be confirmed not only by an account statement, but also by a regular monthly income (for example, a salary).

5. The most significant changes will affect work cards. Now a person who has arrived in work card mode will not be able to change employers for 6 months, with some exceptions.

6. The innovations will also affect the fees levied by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic (applying for a residence permit, renewal, etc.). It will be necessary to immediately pay the entire amount of the fee, for example, earlier, when extending a residence permit, you paid 1,500 czk, and another 1,000 already upon receipt of biometrics. Now 2500 must be paid when applying.

7. Other type of visa can be immediately changed to a study visa at the first extension

Amendments to law 326/1999 Coll. “On the stay of foreigners on the territory of the Czech Republic” 02.08.2021

From 02.08.2021, all foreign citizens are required to insure only with the PVZP insurance company. The exception to this rule is: holders of European EHIC and British GHIC policies.

The obligation does not apply to foreigners who participate in the national health insurance system, receive compensation for medical care based on an international agreement, or have valid EHIC and GHIC health insurance cards. In addition, this obligation does not apply to citizens of the European Union, their close family members.

On August 2, 2021, amendments were made to the “Law on Foreigners” in terms of health insurance – Health insurance for children born in the Czech Republic from foreigners

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