Process of applying for a residence permit in the Czech Republic

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Process of applying for a residence permit

Process of applying for a residence permit in the Czech Republic. Check which address you need to go to – it is indicated in the email you received along with the PIN. The address of my OAMP station is Hládkov 682/9, Praha 6. By the way, only students submit documents there.

You need to arrive at least 30 minutes before the appointed time, at the latest – 15 minutes. Inside you will see a waiting room and a terminal. On this terminal, you need to select a language, for example, English. And on the screen that appears, select the top button (in case you booked a visit via the Internet).

Then set the PIN ( You will get it while registration to the date)

And get your number in the waiting queue.

I like the branch on Hladkově because if you sit in the corner by the window, Eduroam catches there. So you can pass a long line there on the Internet.

When your number and the number of the window light up on the scoreboard, feel free to go to submit documents. When submitting documents, no interview is conducted, the documents are simply checked and they may ask something for clarification. As far as I can tell, at OAMP on Hladkov all the staff/people speak English, but don’t be afraid to speak Czech, you won’t be asked anything complicated.

If all the documents that we talked about above are in order, you will be issued a confirmation of acceptance of the documents. That’s all, you can say to the department for foreigners “Na shledanou!” Now you need to wait for the processing of your documents. The wait is approximately 30 days.

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To find out if your documents have been processed or not, you can check on the website The confirmation you were given by OAMP will have a number at the top below the address will show the OAM number. It is he who needs to be entered on the site, after which you will find out whether you received a residence permit or not.

If they are ready, then you can call 974 820 680 yourself and ask to make an appointment for a convenient time for you. If you don’t call, OAMP staff will call you – don’t be alarmed when you see a call from a hidden number. By phone, you will agree on the date that will be offered to you, and on the appointed day you will return to OAMP to take your biometrics. The collection of biometric data itself consists in the fact that you are photographed and fingerprinted.

And very soon you will receive a pink card that allows you to stay in the Czech Republic for one more year.

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