Biometrics in the Czech Republic when obtaining a residence permit

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Biometrics in the Czech Republic: how to enroll, pass and receive

Biometrics in the Czech Republic when extending a visa for admission to a Czech university. I applied for a residence permit at the end of June. I was given a document confirming that I had applied for an extension. It is needed so that after the expiration of the validity of my old visa, I can legally stay in the Czech Republic. On this document in the upper left corner there was a number by which you can check the status of the application.

This can be done via the link In mid-August, they showed me that my residence permit was approved.

Approval of a residence permit in the Czech Republic

Biometrics in the Czech Republic. Registration for Biometrics

After that, I called +420974801801 to sign up for biometrics. On the phone she explained what I needed, gave her full name and passport details. I live in the Hostiwař district, and there is a branch attached to my address, which is located in the Chodov district, which usually has quite long queues. The nearest free window for biometrics was already 13.10, and I signed up for this date. Now I need to wait for the appointed time, do biometrics, and in a few days I will have a residence permit card ready.

Obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic

After I passed the biometrics, the woman who works there asked if it would be convenient for me to receive the card on 10.11 (it was the earliest possible time), I said that I could not that day, and she offered me several other dates. I took the date 11.11. After that, I was given a document in which it was written that on 11.11 at 13.10 I should go to the police and pick up the finished residence permit card.

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I arrived 15 minutes before the appointed time, took a number from the machine, then I was invited to the window. There I showed my passport, checked the prints again, and received my residence permit card in the Czech Republic.

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