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How to apply for a residence permit extension in the Czech Republic via the Internet

Make an appointment at OAMP CZ on the internet. The extension of the residence permit is handled by the Department for Migration Policy and Refugee Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic (Czech. OAMP MV ČR). You can register with the Czech police via the Internet and telephone.

The easiest and most practical way to register with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, especially if you are not sure about your Czech language. For an online reservation, you need to submit an online application at https://frs.gov.cz/, where there is an English version. Enrollment in OAMP in Prague.

First, you need to register, provide your contact details, confirm your email address using the link in the confirmation letter, fill in your passport details, select the part of Prague where you live. To access the student department, be sure to check the box “I am a student”.

Follow the link in the upper left corner and register in the system

“As usual, you will be asked to provide your last name, first name, nationality (Nationality), date of birth, passport number and passport expiration date. In the “Settings” field, I chose the part of Prague (District) in which I live, that is, Praha 6. I checked the box “Studying at a university is the purpose of my stay in the Czech Republic”, and left the second field empty, since relatives among I don’t have EU citizens.

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Biometrics in the Czech Republic when obtaining a residence permit

Next, it is very important to indicate a valid e-mail, since then a PIN code will come there, with which you will receive a coupon in OAMP. After registering, click on “Make an appointment” and then go through the points.

1.Indicate how many people will be with you or you will come alone

2.Choose a student department and one of the purposes of the visit

Select the purpose of the reservation. I leave the item “Application for a long-term residence permit for the purpose of studies”.

3.Select the date of your visit to OAMP

We choose a date. Red color – occupied, yellow color – a few free places left, green color – there are places for recording in OAMP.

4.Choose the exact time of your visit

5.When the procedure is completed, you will receive an email confirming the registration.

Process of applying for a residence permit in the Czech Republic

Registration in OAMP on the internet. Rules set by the Ministry of the Interior:

  • Within 2 months (60 days) you can enroll only 3 times
  • The deadline for registration is 24 hours.
  • You can cancel the appointment no later than two days (48 hours)
  • Account will be blocked if 10 rebookings are canceled within 90 days
  • The account will be blocked if within 180 days you do not re-appear for the appointment 3 times

After the end of the procedure, a PIN will appear on the screen, with which you will need to come at the appointed time. Check your email – this information should be duplicated in the form of a letter. I booked a date a month and a half before the end of my biometric card, and there were many free days and a large selection of hours. If you want to set a date that is convenient for you, and not choose from the rest, reserve a queue at OAMP MV in advance.

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Before coming to OAMP MV ČR, make sure that your documents are in order. Check your documents again. Make sure your passport is valid. A certificate from the place of study is valid exactly for the period for which you are applying for a visa. If you are renting an apartment, your landlord’s signature on the certificate of residence must be certified by a notary in the mail. Double-check that you have enough money in your bank account.

Make an appointment at OAMP CZ by phone

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Documents for extending a visa and obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic

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