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Making an appointment by phone to extend a residence permit in the Czech Republic

Make an appointment at OAMP CZ by phone. The extension of the residence permit is handled by the Department of Migration Policy and Refugees OAMP MV ČR.

Extending a student visa in the Czech Republic – residence permit 

Documents for extending a visa and obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic

Appointment by phone to extend the visa to the Czech Republic. We call the number:

974 801 801

It is likely that you will not be able to get through the first time, the line is very often overloaded. When you call, the automatic woman begins to speak the relevant information for a long time, but you will need to press the number 1 to connect with the operator. Then listen to everything that the machine tells you, this process also takes time.

OAMP registration by phone.

After that, you will be connected to the operator, who will need to say:

Dobrý den, chtěl(a) bych se objednat…

– na podání dokumentu na prodloužení dlouhodobého pobytu (submission of documents for visa extension)

– ke změně adresu (to change address)

– na dodání dokladů (to report missing documents)

To register, you will also need to provide your full name as in your passport, date of birth and passport number. And have an idea of ​​which day you want to sign up for.

On the appointed day, come to the designated police station and WITHOUT LATE!

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Come to the electronic terminal, and in exactly 15 minutes (not earlier) find your last name, get a ticket with a number and wait to be called to the window.

If the terminal does not work (this happens): go to any free window, say that you are on time and with such and such a question. You will be accepted.

The student department is located at OPC Praha III., Hládkov 682/9, Praha 6

Live queue at the OAMP

A live queue at the OAMP CZ is an extreme case, by going to which you risk losing a lot of time.

If you are late with an appointment for an extension, and all the dates in the online system and on the telephone line are busy, all that remains is to go to the live queue at the main Branch I. OPC Praha I., Žukovského 888/2, Praha 6

Come early in the morning, get in line, take a ticket and wait for your number to appear on the screen. They are accepted very slowly in a queue, so you should be patient.

Phrases in Czech for a visit to the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs

Make an appointment at OAMP CZ on the internet

Proof of residence in an apartment in the Czech Republic to extend

Registration with the Czech police when changing housing – OAMP CZ

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