How to rent an apartment in Prague for a student. Where to look flat?

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Student flat in Prague. Checking the apartment owner

I note that the contract with a minor is not concluded. It can only be entered into an apartment rental agreement in the Czech Republic together with an adult tenant. Rent an apartment in Prague for a student.

From July 31, 2019, it will not be necessary to change the biometric card when changing the address of residence in the Czech Republic. But it is necessary to notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the change of address, as before, within 30 days.

How to find student apartment in Prague

The largest real estate portal:

All information is displayed and you will be able to accurately estimate the cost of the apartment, as the description of the cost of the apartment is in the description, which is only in Czech.

The total cost of renting an apartment in the Czech Republic consists of:

  • The monthly fee itself
  • “Poplatky” – utility bills
  • “Kauce” – a deposit that is returned after the termination of employment
  • Broker fee

How to find accommodation in Prague? There is also a site “without a broker”, where the owners directly offer:

Prague apartments for rent students

The peculiarity of the apartment rental market in Prague is that apartments come quickly and leave quickly – so don’t hesitate. Once you have agreed and “agent” / “owner” too, then you sign the contract, which is registered. This is the paper that the Ministry of Internal Affairs requires to extend your stay in the Czech Republic.

To properly sign SMLOUVA O NÁJMU BYTU, you need:

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1. Check the “true” owner. We go to the Czech real estate register: and check the apartment – press the Vyhledání jednotky button.

2. Apartment for a student in the Czech Republic. Read the following information carefully in the lease agreement for an apartment in Prague.

Terms and conditions of termination of the contract.

Conditions for the return of the kauce.

Method of payment and amount of payments.

How to use the real estate cadastre in the Czech Republic for a foreigner

3. Rent an apartment in Prague for a student. When signing an apartment rental agreement in Prague:

Check all counters – fix the values. The ideal case is to make an inventory and take a picture of all the furniture.

4. Student flatshare in Prague. Ask the host if this is important to you:

What to do if something is broken? What to do with garbage? Is it possible to store large items (bicycles)? How does the host treat overnight guests? How does the owner view the animals? In general, the more questions you ask, the better it will be for you.

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Rent an apartment in Prague for a student

Student flat in Prague

Student flat in Prague

In Prague, every third apartment is rented or rented out. And this is a great alternative to student dorms. Because, you can choose the most suitable location to the city center or the place of study in Prague for students.

  • the cost of renting a room in an apartment and a room in a dorms used to often be equivalent, but now they are not. For room in a flat you will pay at least 2 times more than in a dorms room (with a flatmate)
  • fewer neighbors
  • an apartment in the Czech Republic for a student does not have to be rented entirely, you can rent a room or find a bed
  • the ability to choose the type of accommodation and rental conditions.
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Student flat in Prague. How to find accommodation in Prague Website for finding hostels with prices and addresses. A large Czech portal where you can rent an apartment without intermediaries, directly from the owner. However, you need to understand that there are fifty applicants for one ad. Therefore, do not hesitate.

Student expenses in the Czech Republic

Student residence in Prague. Czech tenant vocabulary:

  • Byt – apartment
  • Kauce – a cash deposit, transferred to the owner of the property, as a guarantee of the safety of property. Returned after moving.
  • Kolej – students dormitory
  • Poplatky – an additional payment for water, electricity, gas, etc. Usually, the amount indicated in the ads does not include the “payment”.
  • Potvrzení o zajištění ubytování (fyzická osoba) is a document confirming that the owner gives the right to reside. Roughly speaking, it makes you a residence permit.
  • Prohlídka – inspection of the apartment
  • Pronajem – rent

How to rent an apartment in the Czech Republic without a realtor – personal experience

Student room flat in Prague. Apartment types:

  • 1+kk – studio apartment (“kk” – indicates that the apartment has a kitchenette) 2+kk – apartment with one room and one living room-kitchen.
  • 1+1, 2+1 – apartments with a full kitchen
  • Garsoniéra – studio with a small kitchen
  • B – balcony,
  • L – loggia,
  • T – terrace.

How to rent an apartment in the Czech Republic for a student: search, selection, contract, payments, departure

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