Student visa interview for Czech Republic

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Czech visa interview questions and answers

Interview at the consulate for a visa to the Czech Republic

Very often, the interview plays a decisive role in the issue of opening a long-term visa to the Czech Republic. Most importantly, do not forget the golden rule: “The truth, the truth and nothing but the truth.” Questions to which you need to know the answers by heart are given in this article. Student visa interview for Czech Republic.

Attention! When applying for a residence permit in the Czech Republic for the purpose of “study”, the interview, according to the law, is conducted in the Czech language! If you do not speak Czech, you must provide yourself with an interpreter (not necessarily a court one). The translator must have an identity document with him.

Long term visa application in the Czech Republic

Interview at the embassy for a visa to the Czech Republic

The main purpose of the interview is to make it clear to the consul that you seriously intend to enter this particular Czech university (even if you have to apply for a second visa), and having received an excellent European education, you will immediately return to your beloved homeland.

Interview for a visa to the czech republic for courses. For an interview, you need to fully know where you will study – the name of the Czech language courses, the place of study – the address, volume, content and schedule of classes, how you will get to the place of study from your place of residence. Know the exact address of the place of residence, conditions, terms. Know about the conditions for admission to the chosen specialty – exams, the procedure for applying to a university, registration for training.

Czech Republic student visa fees

It is important to know about possible provocative questions and be able to answer them: no part-time jobs at all, no trips outside the Czech Republic during the period of study at Czech language courses, no family marriage. What will you do if you don’t do it… These questions may not be asked explicitly, but as if in passing.

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Interview for czech language courses in the czech republic takes place in a “warm, friendly atmosphere”, but this deliberate politeness and goodwill should not confuse you. No need to talk about the desire to stay for permanent residence in the Czech Republic. When asked about housing, it is better to answer “I will rent a room in a hostel.”

Charles university Сzech language course

How to prepare for a visa interview to the Czech Republic

Student visa interview for Czech Republic

Prepare answers to questions about the place of residence in the Czech Republic, transport links with this place (from the place of arrival, by what bus. Learn the conditions for admission to at least one faculty and specialty, for example, the conditions for admission to the HSE, application deadlines, exams. Answer the question why not go to study this profession at home (there are no such specialties in my city, there are no budget places, etc.).

On provocations (work after school, part-time work, personal relationships, tourism) – there is only one answer – “I’m going to study, Czech is very difficult, I don’t think about anything, and I’m unlikely to find time even to travel around the Czech Republic, not to mention abroad “. They also need answers about Czech language courses, they can ask about the schedule of classes, about the place of study in the courses, about payment. Other questions may be asked.

How is the interview for a visa to the Czech Republic

“Literally everyone asked me. And about payment, and about the number of hours, how and with whom they contacted, in what language, where they are, how many hours a week, when and what exams, etc. If they ask about the future after training, then it’s worth saying that you will return to your homeland. And if there are provocations, like “well, you can stay here to work,” answer that you don’t even think about it. First I go to language courses and first of all I need to learn the Czech language, then enter a university – this is the goal. And the point of the whole enterprise is to get a free high-level education that is not available in my city/country, that’s why I’m going to the Czech Republic.”
The consulate acts as an intermediary, the decision on a student visa to the Czech Republic is made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Czech Republic, including on the basis of the interview protocol. Their task is “not to let in!”. With ideal documents for a visa to the Czech Republic, the only thing you can find fault with is the answerdocumes at the interview. No need to give them an extra reason to refuse a visa to the Czech Republic.
It is better to answer any interview questions for a visa to the Czech Republic for study that are not related to the purpose of the stay in a convincingly evasive way:
about working in the Czech Republic after studying – “I don’t think about it, because I plan to apply my knowledge at home.” This is especially true for part-time jobs (“what kind of part-time job can there be without knowing the language?! No way! I will learn Czech all my free time”). My parents give me money.

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