Czech Republic student visa fees. Pay at the cash desk of the consulate

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Czech Republic visa fees

Czech Republic student visa fees. When applying for a long-term visa to the Czech Republic, a fee of 2,500 CZK is paid to the cash desk of the consulate.
All payments at the Consular Section of the Czech Republic are made only through a payment terminal: you must present a valid international payment card.

The amount of financial security for obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic increases from July 1, 2022

Document on financial security of stay in the CZECH REPUBLIC – you must have 92,130 CZK for a year, 62,250 CZK for six months.
Based on the Decree of the Government of the CZECH REPUBLIC 61/2020 Sb. from April 1, the minimum amount required to obtain a long-term visa or extend a student visa or residence permit for one year increases from 81,400 kroons (about 3,250 €) to 92,130 kroons (about 3,690 €).
The calculation of amounts for obtaining long-term student visas and residence permits in the Czech Republic is described in paragraph 2 of § 13 of Law 326/1999 Coll. “On the stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic”: “15 minimum survival sums are required if the stay in the Czech Republic must exceed 30 days, with the condition that the amount is increased by 2 minimum survival sums for each month of stay in the Czech Republic.”

Registration with the Czech police and the Czech Ministry of the Interior

Thus, for a Czech visa for 6 months or an extension of a visa to the Czech Republic for 6 months from April 1, 2020, 15×2490+5×2×2490=62250 kroons (~2,490 €) are required, and for an annual visa – 15×2490+11 ×2×2490=92130 CZK (~€3,690).
To apply for a visa, it is recommended to have at least 4,500 euros in the account and not withdraw money from the account until the receipt (approval) of the visa to the Czech Republic. Czech Republic visa for Indians – 2500 CZK.

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