How to get employee card in the Czech Republic for non-EU citizens

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The procedure for issuing a Czech labor card.  Employment card in the Czech Republic 2022: advantages, documents, deadlines. How Czech labor card 

What is a work card in the Czech Republic?

Features of the Czech labor card

You can work in the Czech Republic by receiving either a zaměstnanecká karta work card or a Blue Card. The difference is that in order to receive a Blue Card, the position claimed by a foreign candidate must be on the list of professions in demand, and only highly qualified specialists can apply for such positions.

In the Czech Republic, as in many other European countries, priority in hiring is given to their own citizens. A Czech employer places a vacancy in the register on the portal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection – MPSV.

A work card cannot be obtained in advance to go to look for work in the Czech Republic. The chances of finding an employer who will agree to wait for you for several months while you are processing documents are very small. And if you find such an employer, he will need to go through a complex procedure of interaction with state bodies. For example, try to explain why he can’t invite a Czech to this position. Convince them that you are a unique specialist. Wait for his job advertisement to be posted within two months and not a single suitable candidate from the local will respond to it.

Czech Republic employee card 2022. For many foreigners, getting an unskilled job in the Czech Republic is the only chance to come to the country. It is important that the work card has a so-called “dual” character, that is, it allows its owner to live and work in the Czech Republic at the same time  (work permit visa Czech Republic).

Advantages of the Czech work card for foreigners

A Czech work visa entitles a foreigner to all the same state guarantees that the Czechs themselves have: state health insurance and a full social package (hospital insurance, pension and maternity);

Working card in the Czech Republic. Since a work visa is a residence permit, it gives the right to be replaced with a residence permit of any other EU country. If you have found a job, opened a business or become a student of any other EU country, you can ask their authorities for an exchange.

  • A work visa is very easily extended with the help of two documents
  • Having a residence permit in the Czech Republic gives a foreigner the right to get favorable mortgages, loans, access to state kindergartens and schools and much more, which Czechs are entitled to;
  • A work visa to the Czech Republic gives the right to unlimited travel to the Schengen countries with the right to seek work in any state of this agreement;
  • Holders of a working Czech visa have a social package that not even all Czechs can boast of. For example, Czech sole proprietors must additionally pay for maternity and hospital insurance, but for holders of a work card they are automatically included in the package.

Deductions to the social fund are made according to three programs:

Pension, which guarantees you that in old age you will receive a standard, in your case, Czech pension,

Sick leave, if you get sick, you have the right to receive sick pay. In the Czech Republic, the sick leave is not limited: if your attending physician considers that you have to recover for two years after surgery or a serious illness, then you will receive an allowance for 2 years; it is about 70-80% of your salary before the illness

Maternity. An allowance for parents, where one of the parents receives it by choice from 2 to 4 years, and the second one within a week after the birth or adoption of the child.

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Sites for job search in the Czech Republic on the labor card

MPSV website for job search for a labor (work) card:

List of other sites where vacancies are posted:

  • / (Czech)
  • / (Czech/English)
  • (Czech)
  • / (Czech/English)
  • / (Czech/Slovak/German/English)
  • / (Czech)

How to make a resume for a job in the Czech Republic Curricilum vitae

Czech Republic – work visa documents. Prague work visa requirements

List of documents for the Czech labor card:

  • a completed application for the issuance of a work card. The form of the application for a work card can be easily found on the Internet. You must specify the specific number of your vacancy in it — you can find it out from the employer or in the central register of vacancies,
  • completed application for a Czech long-term visa;
  • a foreign passport valid for at least 3 months after the expiration of the requested visa, with two opposing unoccupied pages and a photocopy of the data page;
  • 3 photos measuring 3.5 x 4.5, on the reverse side – the surname, the name of the applicant in printed Latin letters and the full date of birth;
  • documents confirming the qualifications required for the chosen workplace (a document on the education received). You must provide originals or copies certified by a Czech notary, as well as a translation of these documents into Czech certified by a Czech notary. Sometimes it may be necessary to nostrify or certify a higher level (apostille, superlegalization);
  • a document on the availability of housing for the duration of your stay in the territory of the Czech Republic (at least for 1 year). This may be a rental agreement. If the contract is with a private person, you need to attach an extract from the real estate cadastre. If the contract is with the company, it is necessary to attach an extract from the trade register (original or notarized copy). You can also provide a document from a person who will provide the applicant with housing with a notarized signature;
  • an employment contract for the performance of labor activity or an agreement on labor activity. Most often, an “agreement on a future contract” can be concluded with the employer. According to this document, the employer undertakes to hire the applicant upon receipt of the Czech employment card.

If the position is one of the regulated ones, it is also necessary to present a document on compliance with the conditions for performing labor activity within such a position;

A certificate of non-criminal record (original and translation in Czech) in countries where the stay in the last 3 years has exceeded 6 months. If this document is not required at the representative office of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has the right to request that this document be provided after entering the territory of the Czech Republic.

They may also require a medical certificate stating that the applicant does not suffer from a serious illness.

Czech Republic employment visa. Where to apply?

Applicants interested in working in the Czech Republic should contact the Czech Consulate on a territorial basis.

Czech Republic work visa processing time Prague

Czech Republic employee card processing time. By law, your application for a work card must be reviewed within thirty days. However, in difficult cases, when the Department for Refugees and Migration Policy applies to the Employment Department for additional information, the terms of consideration of the employment card may last up to three months from the date of submission.

Czech Republic job visa 2022

Czech Republic employee card. The positive decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic is valid for 180 days from the date of applying for a long-term visa. After the expiration of the specified period, the visa is invalid. After receiving the letter of approval, you need to come to the Consulate of the Czech Republic in order to paste into the passport a visa to enter the territory of the Czech Republic to obtain a work card. The card itself will need to be received already in the Czech Republic upon arrival.

How to get a work card in the Czech Republic

Upon arrival in the Czech Republic, within 3 days it is necessary to report to one of the offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministerstva vnitra, addresses of all offices) at the place of residence indicated in the card application form in order to obtain a permit to stay and work in the Czech Republic while the labor card is being prepared.

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Registration with the Police for Foreigners in the Czech Republic

It is necessary to take documents with you: an employment contract, a document on housing and medical insurance. The employee will record you on the nearest date on which you must appear so that you can be photographed and fingerprinted. Only after fingerprinting will you be assigned the date of receipt of the labor card.

Working czech visa. To obtain a Czech labor card, you need to bring proof of payment of the fee in the amount of 1500 CZK in the form of stamp stamps (Czech. Kolky, Kolkové známky). Stamp stamps can be bought at any post office in the Czech Republic. In Prague, it will be convenient to contact the main post office (Jindřišská 909/14) – almost all employees speak English.

If you need to change your residential address, it is better to do it before the biometrics, otherwise you will have to change the card and pay 1000 CZK in the form of stamps.

The work card is issued for a maximum of 2 years, after the expiration of the period it must be extended already in the Czech Republic.

Types of employment contracts in the Czech Republic

Work visa to the Czech Republic – The Law

The Law on the Residence of Foreigners, which entered into force on July 31, 2019. The most serious changes in the working cards of the Czech Republic for foreigners. Now a person who arrived in the work card mode will not be able to change an employer within 6 months, with some exceptions.

A common scheme for the employment of foreigners from third countries in unskilled positions are the so-called agencies (chesh. Agentura). They hire foreigners and then send them to factories, warehouses and workshops for jobs. Factories pay the agency, the agency withholds up to half of the salary, and pays the rest to the employee. Due to the peculiarities of EU legislation, it happens that Polish agencies hire Ukrainians in this way and they can temporarily (on a business trip) work in Czech firms. The authorities decided to restore order in this opaque scheme and now in order to obtain or extend a work card as an employee of the agency, it is necessary to attach documents about the place of actual work.

Comparison of Prague and Brno for education and immigration

Czech employee card

How czech labor card. An incredible convenience for foreigners without free access to the labor market will be the opportunity to move to another employer or to another position without the approval of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. If earlier an application was required and a foreigner was out of work before receiving a positive decision, now he notifies at least 30 days in advance about the change of his position or employer. However, for this it is necessary to work with the first employer for at least 6 months, it is impossible to switch to an agency in this way, and it is also necessary to wait for confirmation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the correct receipt of the notification.

At the same time, of course, the Ministry of Internal Affairs may subsequently refuse a foreigner to work in this position with this employer, and it is also impossible to appeal against this decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Probably, the authorities want to knock the ground out from under the feet of agencies in this way and drag foreign low-skilled employees into direct contracts with actual employers.

In addition, a new internal employee card will be introduced, which will allow foreigners to stay in the Czech Republic for six months if they work here as a manager, specialist or intern in a company or corporation with a central office outside the European Union.

For more detailed and up-to-date information, see the website

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How to get a work permit in the Czech Republic for foreigners

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