Czech Republic student visa interview questions 

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Questions at the interview for a student visa to the Czech Republic

Czech visa interview questions

Why did you decide to learn Czech? Have you already studied Czech before?
Address of the language school. Internet address of the language school.
Where and how did you find out about your school? Why did you choose it?
An employee who helped with paperwork.
Name of the hostel, address of residence (according to the accommodation agreement):
What does the Czech language course you have chosen include? How many teaching hours? The cost of Czech language courses and the amount of the tuition deposit.
The cost of living, the amount of the deposit for accommodation.
The name of your insurance.
The duration of the insurance.
Estimated duration of the visa (duration of the academic year according to the contract).
Start date of the Czech language course.
Course end date.
What will you do in the summer after entering the university (In the summer, consultations, additional classes, preparation for the final language exam and entrance exams continue.)
Which exam (level of the Czech language) ends the training.
Course intensity: how many hours of Czech and core subjects per day?
What is nostrification?

Czech Republic student visa interview questions 

Czech Republic student visa interview questions 

How does the process of nostrification of secondary education take place, what documents are needed for this?
Where do you plan to enter after completing the language courses (university, faculty, specialty)?
When is an application submitted to the university for the purpose of passing the entrance exams?
What entrance exams do you need to take? What language level of Czech is required for admission to a university?
Entrance exam dates.
When is it necessary to present the nostrification to the university?
University address, full name of the university, actual address (how to get there by transport), Internet address.
Why did you choose this university, where did you find out about it?
How many years does it take to study in the Czech Republic in undergraduate, graduate, doctoral studies (depending on the level of your education at the time of applying for a visa)? How is study organized – number of semesters, beginning and end of the academic year, number of hours, approximate subjects of training?
What specialty would you like to study after graduation? What do you know about the entrance exams for this specialty/university?
What will you be after graduation? (title, academic degree in the Czech Republic).
What and where are you going to work in the country of your permanent residence after graduation?
How are you going to apply your knowledge after completing the course? How will you use the acquired knowledge of the Czech language? In the case of master’s programs, you may be asked a question about a possible profession, work in your specialty.
Why did you decide to get higher education in the Czech Republic?
Geographical location of the Czech Republic, administrative structure, neighboring countries?
When was the Czech Republic formed (separation from Slovakia)?
The political regime of the Chechen Republic (when are parliamentary elections, presidential elections)?
Name of the President of the Czech Republic
Famous people of the Czech Republic.
Who is Vaclav Havel?

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Student visa interview for Czech Republic

Czech student visa interview questions

The interview and its questions serve the staff to verify the veracity of your application and the purpose of studying in the Czech Republic. Conflicting answers do not make a good impression during the interview, so carefully prepare for the interview so that you can actually get a visa/permit to stay and be able to come to the Czech Republic in September.
Unpreparedness for an interview for a study visa to the Czech Republic:
– It does not make a good impression at the interview if you do not know what courses you are going to the Czech Republic and what specialty you would like to study after the courses.
– If you name several specialties from different areas (for example, technical and humanitarian specialties)

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