CZU internal evaluation – Czech Agricultural University nostrification

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CZU nostrification – Czech University of Life Sciences internal evaluation

Without entrance exams:

  • Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources
  • Faculty of forestry and timber industry
  • Faculty of Environment

No nostrification exams. Detailed information about the process of internal nostrification can be found on the CZU website at this link.

Submission of invitations until 03/31/2022.

Letter to the faculty in the Czech Republic upon admission to the university

1. When can I request an interní evaluace – čzu internal assessment?

You can only request an internal assessment after you have entered one of the faculties of CZU. The faculty will nominate you for evaluation, you will also be informed of the required documents, you must fill out an application for evaluation and pay the evaluation fee.

2. When can I pay the CZU internal evaluation fee? Nostrification in Czech Agrotechnical University in Prague

Once you have been nominated by the faculty for evaluation as an admitted student and you have submitted your scanned documents, you will be charged in the system. Evaluation cannot be carried out without a paid fee. The fee is non-refundable.

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Nostrification without exams in the Czech Republic interni evaluace

3. Do I have to send documents for internal evaluation to ČZU by post or are email scans sufficient?

At the stage when we check the documents, if they are in order and complete, send the documents in the form of scans (you will save the cost and time for re-sending the documents). However, in the next step, we need to physically have academic documents for evaluation, so we need to send them by mail or deliver them to the administration. A partial exception to this rule applies to EU countries, UK, Iceland, Norway, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, viz. foreign-education-documents.html

4.  Nostrification Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. Does ČZU need original documents for internal evaluation or are copies sufficient?

For a successful internal assessment, originals or officially or notarized copies of documents are required. Plain copies or scans of documents are not accepted at this stage. If you are sending official or notarized copies, each page with a description, signature or seal must be certified. The reverse sides often have apostilles, super-legalization labels or notary seals.

5. Do I also need to send originals or certified copies in original language to CZU? Or just translations?

Please send originals or notarized/officially certified copies of documents in the original language for internal evaluation. These original documents must be firmly linked to the court translator’s translation so that neither party can be replaced. Documents stapled only or not stapled will not be accepted.

6. CZU nostrification. Who can translate documents?

Only official court translators can translate documents for czu internal evaluation. Translations from other unofficial translators or translation agencies will not be accepted. In addition, you can use the translation check at the Czech Embassy. All parts of the document must be translated into English or Czech, including the points of notarization or translation.

Nostrification in Ceska Zemedelska Univerzita in Prague

CZU nostrification

7. What should the high school diploma contain?

All applicants for undergraduate programs must provide a high school diploma. In confirmation, the high school or the Department of Education certifies that your final report card was obtained after completing a high school study program at a foreign high school in accordance with the laws of that country. It also confirms that this education and certificate allows its holder to study in an undergraduate program in your country or abroad. It also confirms that the school is accredited to provide secondary education and by whom (city, municipality, state), and whether the school is private or public. The school issues confirmation in the form of a letter on a letterhead signed and stamped by the responsible person.

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Nostrification of secondary school certificates in the Czech Republic

8. CZU nostrification. How long will the evaluation process take?

Assessment of previous education may take 2-8 weeks, a longer period should be expected, especially if a large number of applications accumulate. This time is calculated from the moment when the full documents are at the disposal of the faculty or administration and the assessment fee is paid.

9. How long does recognition of prior education through the internal assessment process last?

The assessment is valid only for a specific program in a given academic year and is part of a specific admissions process. It must be requested again for another program or for reassessment next year.

The internal evaluation is the last step in the admissions process and is therefore only conducted for students already enrolled in one of the CZU departments.


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