What to do if you have not passed the nostrification in the Czech Republic

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Obtaining the result of nostrification in the Czech Republic and what to do if you have not passed

After passing the nostrification exams at the school, the gymnasium sends the data to the magistrate. You can get a nostrification of a certificate in the Czech Republic in a magistrate’s office in 3-4 weeks. An official document – the result of the nostrification of the certificate is issued within a month (according to the law within two months) after successfully passing the exams. Most often, you will be told right on the day of the exam whether you passed it or not. What to do if you have not passed the nostrification in the Czech Republic.

Where can I get the result of nostrification in the Czech Republic?

But you won’t be able to get the documents, you will be given one sheet for each exam with which you have to go again to the same magistrate where you have already been. There you give your sheets, and receive an official confirmation of the nostrification “Decision on the recognition of a foreign certificate as equivalent and an annex to the nostrification.” This document consists of two parts: rozhodnutí (the equivalence decision itself) and doložka (appendix to rozhodnutí).

In the future, you will always need to wear the recognition of the nostrification and submit them together. Make several certified copies of these main documents, make one copy of the rest, and present the versions of the document of which you have many copies to the universities at the exams, they will take it there, and therefore copies are needed. But the original certificate of nostrification in the Czech Republic should never be given to anyone, it is yours forever.

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Did not pass nostrification in Prague in the Czech Republic

In case of failure to pass the exam in at least one subject, the magistrate issues a refusal to nostrify. No need to give up, but you need to move on to the intended goal.
It is necessary to re-apply for the nostrification of the certificate, pay the state fee and go to take exams. The number of retakes is not limited (but in July-August, schools do not arrange nostrification exams). But first you need to wait for a letter from the Magistrate about the refusal (in Czech – zamítá žádost).

How to get an answer on the results of nostrification in the Czech Republic? Where will the letter go?

To the contact address indicated in the application. Further, with the notice, you need to go to the post office in order to receive directly the paper letter itself with the refusal of the Magistrate in Prague.

How long will the letter take?

About a month since the exam you failed. Letter came. Now go with him to the Magistrate in Prague to return your personal file. If you do not do this immediately, the documents will be archived and you will have to wait for their return. Please note that the magistrate in Prague is only open 2 days a week.

Address: Magistrat hl. m. Prahy, odbor správních činností ve školství, Jungmannova 29/35, 110 00 Praha 1
Stop: Václavské naměsti

Go to the 6th floor, room 628. Show the letter (zamítá). Say “Chci se vzdát práva na odvolání” (meaning no appeal). Pan will find your documents, issue them on the security of your passport. Next, go down to the 1st floor, where they take photos, copy documents. Go back to the 6th floor, with the originals and copies. Give copies to the department employee, and take the original documents with you. It is very important to take exactly those documents that are in the magistrate.

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I did not pass the nostrification exams in the Czech Republic, what should I do?

What to do if you have not passed the nostrification in the Czech Republic

Further, you can submit the documents again to the Magistrate in Prague.

It is done like this:

– You fill out a new application and make a copy of it, add your contact address in the Czech Republic to the application!

  • If you are under 18 years of age, the new application is signed by the person for whom the power of attorney is made.
  • Everyone else – sign the application themselves and indicate their contact details.

To save time, it is better to fill out an application and make a copy of it before the first trip to the Magistrate. Then you will pick up the documents, and immediately pay for this package on the spot and submit it again. What to do if you have not passed the nostrification in Prague.

– Go with a package of documents back to the magistrate.

– For re-examination of your documents, you need to pay poplatek in the amount of 1000 kroons at the box office of the Magistrate. Cash desk (pokladna) is located on the 1st floor. There will be 2 confirmations of payment.

–  Then with the payment and the entire package of documents go to Podatelnu (also on the 1st floor, next to the ticket office). After submitting, you should have a receipt of payment and a copy of the application with the Magistrate’s seal.

Further, as for the first time, you are waiting for a letter with the appointment of exams (this takes from 1 to 3 months). For 99%, these will be the same subjects, but they can change the school.

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