Bad and good schools for nostrification. How is the nostrification in Prague

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Nostrification at school in Prague. Taking the nostrification exams at a school in Prague

How is the nostrification in Prague exams at school

1.Schools in Prague for nostrification exams, which are statistically considered easy. That is, most students had nostrification in the Czech Republic in Prague the first time, the examination committee for nostrification in the Czech Republic was friendly. schools for nostrification exams in Prague:

  • Gymnazium Postupicka
  • Gymnazium na Zatlance 11
  • Gymnazium Ústavni

The latter appeared in the list of schools only this year, but according to the guys, nostrification is passed there the first time.

Nostrification of secondary school certificates in the Czech Republic

2. How to do nostrification in Prague – schools in the Czech Republic, where, according to reviews, it is difficult to pass (that is, some did not pass nostrification there, the commission is strict, and asks in full). nostrification exams in prague school:

  • Akademické gymnázium Štěpánská
  • Gymnazium Českolipska
  • Gymnazium Nad Stolou
  • Karlínské gymnázium in the common people is the terrible and terrible Karlin.

Important! Your success in the exam does not depend on the school, but on the level of knowledge and preparation.

How to pass the nostrification exams in Prague

Usually the magistrate appoints from 3 to 5 exams in different subjects (most often it is: geography, social studies, physics, English, computer science, chemistry, biology, maybe history)
All exams can be scheduled on the same day or distributed over different dates
The examination committee gives 15 minutes to prepare
You can check all tickets in advance. Find them on the website of your assigned school.
One ticket can contain 3 or more questions
The commission may ask clarifying questions
If you are taking an interpreter with you to the exam, please notify the school in advance. Make sure the interpreter has a special court interpreter’s certificate.
Interpreters often help during the exam
The computer science exam usually consists of theory and practice. It’s better to set your computer to Czech now to get used to the terminology
Geography – 100% knowledge of the map is required.

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How is the nostrification in Prague exams at school

How is the nostrification exam in Prague. Nostrification exams in the Czech school

Reviews of nostrification exams in Prague. “My son spent about 1.5 months preparing for biology and geography. At the same time, he had daily classes, plus he went to additional ones. Plus daily homework and cooking, shopping, etc. It was really possible to fully learn only on weekends, and even then not for two full days, no one canceled assignments for Monday. So consider how much time was actually spent. I am writing because I myself was terribly nervous, read reviews that they fail, the examiners are not fair, etc. All subjects and topics of nostrification can be learned.”

Obtaining the results of nostrification and what to do if you have not passed the exams

Nostrification without exams in the Czech Republic interni evaluace

2 thoughts on “Bad and good schools for nostrification. How is the nostrification in Prague”

  1. Hello,
    Can you please help me with the nostrification exam,I already failed once and this time I got difficult school
    I would really appreciate.

    1. 1. Go to the official website of your school in the section nostrification. Often there are specific topics for each subject. In different schools they are usually different.
      2. Look for groups on Facebook or Telegram, there you can find examination cards already fully written by some other students. You can study using their writings.
      3.If it is unclear and difficult for you to study yourself – there are tutors who prepare directly for nostrification. In Facebook, you type doučování and select a tutor suitable for you.
      4. Also I would recommend to use YouTube, there you can find videos explaining all the themes and all the questions that may be in the exam.

      Do your best and good luck!

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