Preparation of the nostrification exam in the Czech Republic

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How to prepare for nostrification exams in the Czech Republic

It is necessary to prepare for the nostrification exams in the Czech Republic.
Each school website has a “Nostrifikace” tab where you will find subjects and questions for preparation. It may turn out that for admission to a university you need to pass mathematics and English, and for nostrification – chemistry, geography and biology. This significantly complicates the life of the applicant. They can assign different items. Often, this is geography, biology, chemistry, computer science, social science, physics. But maybe English and history (if we are talking about Prague). Sometimes they are given a choice. You can choose the dates yourself or you will be assigned. You will be given 3-4 weeks to prepare, and at the same time they will give you a list of topics from which you will be asked questions during the exam. Everywhere is different!

Nostrification without exams in the Czech Republic interni evaluace

Preparation of the nostrification exam in Prague

One month after submitting the application, you will receive an answer in which the school or gymnasium where the exams will take place, the dates of the exams and the subjects that are assigned individually are assigned. This is usually three or four high school exams. On the appointed day, or days, students come to the gymnasium and take exams. Each exam lasts half an hour.

How to prepare for nostrification in the Czech Republic. Most often, nostrification exams in the Czech Republic are prescribed in those subjects in which the student had the least hours at school, but at the same time they look at the grade, all other things being equal, they will choose the subject in which you had the worst grade. If you try to find logic, then perhaps they assign exactly those subjects that, according to the documents, you know, most likely, are the worst.

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You will need to pass 3 to 5 exams. The websites of all gymnasiums contain lists of questions that may be on the exam, go to the website of the nostrification gymnasium assigned to you in the Czech Republic and find tickets. Bookstores sell books to prepare for nostrification. They deal with all the issues, but you can also prepare according to ordinary Czech school textbooks.

Bad and good nostrification schools in Prague

How much does the nostrification exam cost in the Czech Republic?

“The cost of nostrification: 1000 kroons – state duty + 2000 kroons for each exam (we pay for the translator), in the amount of 7000 kroons for three subjects (English and mathematics) plus one any (physics, geography, chemistry, etc.) difficult. It all depends on you, learn the language, prepare from the beginning of the year, and not in 2 days. Many failed the first time last year. There are some students who have gone home altogether.”

How to prepare for nostrification in Prague?

Help for nostrification exams in Prague – tutors for nostrification
Download questions, tickets and topics (answers) to prepare for nostrification exams in the Czech Republic.

Preparation for nostrification exams in the Czech Republic. To prepare for biology, take the textbook “Odmaturuj!”. Some examiners asked all the terms related to the topic of the ticket from this textbook. And in general, in preparation it will come in handy immensely. Learn the material in both Russian and Czech. In Russian, the material is easier to remember, and if you can explain to the examiner at least on your fingers what you want to say without knowing the Czech translation or forgetting it, then it will already be a big plus. In Czech, you directly rehearse the answer to the exam, and improve your Czech skills in general.
Passing nostrification exams in geography – you need 100% knowledge of the map. Many people think that geography is easy to pass, in fact it turned out to be not so easy. Additional question: what is the poorest country in Europe? All my friends said that Greece, the correct answer is Moldova.

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Nostrification exams in the Czech Republic review:

Viewing movies on the Internet on ticket topics helped a lot. When passing the exam, none of the examiners failed, on the contrary, they listened carefully, somewhere they helped with the answer. The computer science exam usually consists of theory and practice, so set your computer to Czech in advance to get used to the Czech keyboard and terminology.

How to pass the nostrification exams in the Czech Republic

Obtaining the results of nostrification and what to do if you have not passed the exams

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