Where to get a profession as a nutritionist in the Czech Republic

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Study to become a nutritionist in the Czech Republic. Nutrition specialists in the Czech Republic

There are several nutrition specialists in the Czech Republic with different qualifications – for some professions, a completed secondary education is enough, and for others – a medical diploma, a license for independent work (certification) + a special license for a nutritionist in Prague. Profession as a nutritionist in the Czech Republic.

Let’s try to understand the terminology then.

Výživový poradce, kouč zdravého životního stylu, nutriční kouč

Nutritionist, healthy lifestyle coach, nutrition coach. You don’t need any special education for this position. You can finish some courses or do self-study. All you will need is a živnostenský list (a permit for individual entrepreneurial activity) and no criminal record. These specialists can only work with healthy people.

Nutriční terapeut, nutriční specialista

Nutritionist, nutritionist. These are the average medical staff. The training lasts at least 3 years.
These specialists gain a wealth of experience and can work with healthy and sick people, with children and the elderly. They understand medical nutrition. They work in hospitals, sanatoriums, nursing homes, schools, and can also work in private offices.

Lékař s funkční licenci v oboru Umělá výživa a metabolická péče
Physician with functional license in the field of artificial nutrition and Metabolic Care. This is a doctor who has received the right to independent activity (certification) and received a special license. Such doctors work in hospitals, understand enteral and parenteral nutrition. Some specialists supervise special outpatient clinics, for example, for patients with obesity/cachexia, an outpatient clinic for patients with gastrostomy, etc.

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profession as a nutritionist in the Czech Republic

Profession as a nutritionist in the Czech Republic.

Nutriční terapeut in Czech Republic. Dietitian therapists learn to diagnose diseases associated with a violation of the diet, its imbalance, eating disorders and thereby help their patients to regulate nutrition and get rid of bad eating habits.

A nutrition specialist in the Czech Republic works with patients of all ages. Future nutritionists in the Czech Republic study subjects such as human physiology and anatomy, food preparation technology, food chemistry, ecology. Graduates with this specialty can be employed in all areas related to the organization of proper nutrition – in disease prevention centers, in counseling centers, in medical institutions – wherever the organization of proper nutrition is required.

Where does study to become a nutritionist in the Czech Republic?

You can get a specialty “dietitian therapist” in Prague:

  • at the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague (Bachelor’s degree program, full-time and combined forms)
  • at the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno (Bachelor’s degree program, full-time)
  • at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ostrava (Bachelor’s degree program, full-time).

Вirection of study terapie Diet therapy or Food therapy in the Czech Republic

During the training, you will pass a general theoretical base (anatomy, physiology and pharmacology), get specialized knowledge about food, food production, microbiology and cooking technology. However, the main subjects will be those that relate to human nutrition, both nutrition in the prevention of various diseases, and therapeutic or clinical nutrition.

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As a nutritionist-therapist, you will understand human nutrition from all sides. You will study the physiology and biochemistry underlying nutrition and will know exactly what dietary changes are required for individual diseases.

Part of the training takes place in laboratories of biochemistry and microbiology, as well as in clinics and outpatient clinics, such as the clinic of obesity, diabetes or gastroenterology. You will gain experience in collecting food history, assessing the nutritional status of the patient, and will try to offer dietary modifications or artificial nutrition.

The work of a nutritionist in the Czech Republic

As for employment, there is a fairly wide and diverse range. You will be able to work:

  • In hospitals in medical nutrition departments
  • In outpatient settings, where you can significantly help, for example, patients with cancer, obesity, diabetes or patients after severe surgical interventions with the help of appropriate dietary recommendations
  • At the State Institute of Healthin the Czech Republic
  • When creating projects for primary schools or public awareness campaigns
  • In research on human nutrition
  • In food industry companies that, with the help of diet therapists, can, for example, develop new products
  • Or open your own consulting room or outpatient clinic for consultations nutritionist in the Czech Republic

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