Get the profession of an adictologist in the Czech Republic

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Where to study for an adictologist in Prague. Addictology in Charles University

What does the science of additology study?

Addictology is the science of addictions, is one of the directions of narcology. Studies not only drug and alcohol addiction, but also computer addiction and a number of others. It is closely related to psychology and psychiatry. In general, we can say that this scientific direction studies addictive human behavior. Profession of an adictologist in the Czech Republic.

Several academic institutes in the Czech Republic are studying new types of human addiction. Thus, experts of the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University report that about 5% of children in the Czech Republic are excessively addicted to computer games, smartphones and social networks. There are still few preventive programs in the Czech Republic that would teach schoolchildren self-regulation of behavior, and the relatively new specialty “Addictologist” in the Czech Republic is becoming more and more in demand.

Adiktologie (Bachelor’s degree) – having obtained the profession of an addictologist in the Czech Republic, you will be ready to work as a drug coordinator, a consultant specializing in addiction issues, you will be able to work in social health programs that most often face problems of substance abuse.
Before you get the specialty of addiction medicine in the Czech Republic, answer yourself the question: “Will you be able to communicate with drug addicts, alcoholics, people without a certain place of residence in an open mind and without disgust?” Profession of an adictologist in the Czech Republic.

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Enrollment in the medical faculty of Charles University – student registration

Studying to become an adictologist in Prague

The direction of study “Addictology” in Prague is very popular among Czech applicants. Every year, Charles University receives more than 400 applications for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Adiktologie in total, and this is provided that the faculty allocates only 30 “budget” places for the course.
During their studies as an addictologist in the Czech Republic, students acquire theoretical and practical knowledge from such disciplines:

the medicine
special pedagogy

Training for an addictologist in Prague at 1.LF UK

Get the profession of an adictologist in the Czech Republic

The first year of study is completely devoted to acquaintance with general medical subjects, in the second year more emphasis is placed on specialized classes, and the last 2 semesters are aimed at mastering therapeutic skills. In addition to the main subjects, addictology students in Prague are offered a choice of lectures on economics, management, philosophy, law, social anthropology, etc.

An addiction specialist in the Czech Republic is engaged in the study of the causes of addiction, patterns of their development, symptoms and general signs of addiction. He also looks for ways to get rid of them and conducts therapy.

Addictology 1.LF UK – Student Experience

Education in the specialty of an addictologist in the Czech Republic at the first medical faculty of Charles University.

The etiology of addiction is considered as a bio-psycho-social (plus spiritual) phenomenon, so all the subjects studied can be conditionally divided into these groups, where bio is medicine, etc.
Czech students had the most problems with medical subjects. Half of the students were expelled already in the first year in anatomy and clinical medicine, and a surprise in the form of pathology was expected in the second year.

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For me personally, these subjects just caused the least questions. Yes, you will have to learn a lot! Latin, Czech terminology, what are the names of chemical elements in the Czech Republic, but at the same time everything is very specific and extremely clear. What I can’t say about the practical classes of psychotherapy – continuous improvisation, where it’s not enough just to know Czech well. It is worth noting that almost all exams are held orally, with rare exceptions, tests. You will have to write a lot of written works while studying for an addictologist in the Czech Republic.

Result. To study for an addictologist in Prague, you need: a GREAT desire and your personal capabilities.

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