Pilot’s profession in Czech universities

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Pilot at czech universities in Prague and Brno

Pilot training in the Czech Republic at the Czech Technical University in Prague

Pilot at czech universities in Prague and Brno
A pilot is a dream profession. There are only two faculties where you can get a pilot’s profession in the Czech Republic. In Prague, the pilot’s profession can be obtained at the Faculty of Transport Sciences of the Czech Technical University (CHVUT).
The direction of “Professional pilot”, bachelor’s degree.
Entrance exams: Mathematics, English and oral interview.
Language of instruction: Czech and English.
Link to the faculty: https://www.fme.vutbr.cz/studuj/pojd

Pilot’s profession in Prague

Knowledge and professional application of the graduate. The concept of the field of Professional Pilot Training (PIL) is an independent specialized field, comprehensive training of students for a pilot in the Czech Republic in accordance with current European standards as flight personnel in commercial air transport, as well as in other sectors of commercial civil aviation.

In parallel with the theoretical preparation for the study of this field, future pilots of the Technical University in Prague also undergo practical training to the level that meets the criteria for inclusion in the flight crew.

Pilot Technical University Prague CVUT. Entrance exams

Candidates to study in the Czech Republic for a pilot pass a written exam in mathematics and English. The final score is determined based on the overall score of both written exams. The maximum number of points is 40 The minimum number of points that must be scored for admission to pilot training in the Czech Republic is set for the 2021-2022 academic year – 20 points (you need to score at least 10 points on the entrance exam in mathematics and at the same time a minimum of 10 points from the entrance exam in English)

CVUT admission conditions for a pilot in the Czech Republic:
Confirmation of previous education.
Demonstration of knowledge of the Czech language at the B2 level (when studying in Czech)
Demonstration of English language skills at B2 levels (when studying in English)

Other conditions for successful pilot training at the Technical University in Prague

1. The need to obtain a medical certificate before starting pilot training in the Czech Republic: “Certificate of medical fitness” of the 1st class (Medical certificate of the 1st class) from the Institute of Aviation Health – ÚLZ The costs associated with obtaining the certificate are borne by the bidder. It will cost you about 10 thousand Czech crowns.

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2. The ability to cover the financial costs of flight practice at the expense of their own financial resources. The training can only be conducted as part of the integrated ATP (A) training. The practical training of pilots in the Czech Republic is about 1,450,000 CZK.
It is important to know that studying the Professional Pilot course in Prague does not fully prepare students for their profession. Rather, it is just a necessary theoretical preparation. Successful graduates will receive a certificate, which is only a ticket to the exams of the Civil Aviation Administration of the Czech Republic. In addition to the Czech Republic, the certificate is recognized in 35 other countries, including the entire European Union and the countries belonging to the JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) organization

Pilot’s profession in Prague universitie. Items

During the first two semesters, students will have general subjects, the same as in other specialties of the CVUT Faculty of Transport. Highly specialized subjects appear in the schedule only in subsequent years of study. These are mainly courses in mathematics and physics, aerodynamics, elasticity and strength, statics, dynamics, electrical engineering, electronics, materials science and meteorology. Pilots also study English, aviation laws or airport operating rules. The structure of the theoretical courses corresponds to the curriculum provided for by the Pan-European JAR-FCL regulation
You can study for a pilot in Prague only in the form of a full-time bachelor’s degree. Pilots of the Czech Technical University in Prague can continue their Master’s degree in the field of air transport operation. After graduating from the specialty “Organization of air transportation”, the graduate receives the title Ing.
CVUT is the only university in the Czech Republic that gives pilots the opportunity to undergo special integrated training with obtaining an ATPL(A) civil aviation pilot license, which is required by most airlines.

Study to be a pilot in the Czech Republic at the Technical University in Brno VUT

Study to be a pilot in the Czech Republic at the Technical University in Brno VUT

Mechanical Engineering Faculty of VUT in Brno.

Direction “Professional pilot”, bachelor’s degree.
Exams: A written test demonstrating technical knowledge
Link to the faculty: http://www.vutbr.cz/zajemce-o-studium/bakalarske-studium

Knowledge and professional application of the graduate:
You will receive full theoretical training up to the level of a transport pilot in the Czech Republic. You will also receive practical training. The theory fully complies with European standards in accordance with the current regulations Part-FCL 1. Then the practical training of pilots is carried out in cooperation with the flight school and is calculated taking into account your time and financial capabilities. After passing all the necessary exams, you will become the owner of a commercial pilot license in the Czech Republic (CPL) with an instrument rating (IR).

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The profession of a pilot in Brno

Entrance exams in mathematics and physics. Entrance exams are written and will contain questions as part of the secondary school curriculum. You will be able to get a maximum of 25 points on each exam. To enroll in the professional pilot program in the Czech Republic, you need to score at least 16 points.

Study to be a pilot at the University in Brno. Admission conditions.
1) Confirmation of previous education.
2) Demonstration of knowledge of the Czech language at the B2 level (when studying in Czech)

Become a pilot in Brno. Studying the Bachelor’s degree program of a professional pilot in the Czech Republic is very specific, including due to the financial requirements of aviation activities. A student who intends to enroll in a professional pilot training program in Brno must complete basic training to obtain a private pilot license no later than 1 year of study (possibly at the BUT aviation school or outside another aviation school). He must have a “Private pilot license PPL(A)” by the beginning of the 2nd year of study at the latest.

How much does it cost to train as a pilot in Brno?
Practical flight training is separated from theoretical. Flight hours must be paid for by the student himself.

– Practical pilot training in Brno at the basic level of the ppl (private pilot license) can cost about 250,000 kronor (offers of aviation schools for obtaining a private pilot license vary, it also depends on the individual abilities of the student).

– For full flight training up to the level required for commercial air transport, about 1 million Czech crowns will be needed.

Applicants for pilot qualification in the Czech Republic must also meet the medical requirements for performing the function of a pilot, which are established by European regulations.
The bachelor’s program “Professional pilot” and there can be continued by the master’s pilot program in Brno “Organization of air transportation”.

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