Soft gingerbread in the Czech Republic – customs. Prague gingerbread shop

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Czech gingerbread cookies – history of the appearance and gingerbread customs,  museum

Czech gingerbread cookies

Czech gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread customs in the Czech Republic

Famous gingerbread in the Czech Republic – perníčky. Perníčky is Czech soft gingerbread, which fills all shops and souvenir shops before the New Year. But these souvenir gingerbread cookies in the Czech Republic are rather intended for tourists.

Czechs’ Christmas gingerbread is a separate culture and traditions of Christmas. It is customary to make them with your own hands so that the house is filled with the aroma of spices, fresh pastries and the atmosphere of waiting for Christmas – the Advent period. The whole family is involved in baking gingerbread in the Czech Republic, turning the process into a special rite of unanimity and unity. Next you will learn the history of the creation of gingerbread in the Czech republic.

Photo of gingerbread in Prague

Photo of gingerbread in Prague

The history of prague gingerbread. How gingerbread appeared in the Czech Republic

Traditional gingerbread customs in the Czech Republic.  Baking Christmas gingerbread did not begin in the Czech Republic, and not even in Christianity in principle. The tradition came from paganism. Christianity, having adopted some pagan traditions, since the 12th century, took the tradition of baking Christmas gingerbread and cookies.

The history of czech gingerbread. And Christmas gingerbread came to the Czech Republic only in the 14th century from Nuremberg. Already at that time they were baked in special molds that were made of wood. These forms can still be found in museums, they are part of the heritage of folk art.

The history of the appearance of gingerbread in the Czech Republic.

Initially, baking gingerbread was a purely masculine affair. The dough for gingerbread had to be kneaded with your hands for a long time. Such laborious work required male strength. The gingerbread itself looked more like ginger crackers. In the first half of the 19th century, the then-popular gingerbread craft began to decline. Then it was replaced by confectioners. Well, the confectioners turned “crackers” into soft gingerbread in the Czech Republic. That’s how Czech gingerbread appeared in the form that is now sold in the Prague gingerbread shop.

Photo of gingerbread in the Czech republic

Photo of gingerbread in the Czech Republic

Czech gingerbread cookies

Czech gingerbread cookies

What gingerbread is made of in the Czech Republic?

If you look at gingerbread in the Czech Republic, it seems that a real artist has tried. The secret is that gingerbread molds can be bought in many stores, even over the Internet. Therefore, it will be difficult to spoil their appearance.

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What is added to czech gingerbread. The second secret lies in additives. In addition to the traditional dough (recipe), honey, fresh ginger, lemon zest or vanilla are added to the gingerbread. And if you grind anise, coriander, allspice, cloves, cinnamon and even dill into dust, then each gingerbread will become unique.

I will allow myself one piece of advice. It is better not to buy ready-made seasoning powders. It is necessary to take the whole ones and rub them with your own hands before baking.

How to use gingerbread in the Czech Republic – what is decorated

How to use gingerbread in the Czech Republic - what is decorated

Christmas gingerbread

Christmas gingerbread cakes bake almost the entire Advent. During this time, there will be many different reasons to distribute them and give them for Christmas. Gingerbread in the Czech Republic decorate Christmas trees. And many Czechs did this already by the first day of Advent.

The coniferous advent wreath is replaced with a gingerbread one, so that every Sunday of Advent you can light your candle in it.

Gingerbread for Christmas in the Czech Republic

Gingerbread for Christmas in the Czech Republic

Where do they put gingerbread in the Czech Republic? On the Day of St. Barbara (December 4) and St. Mikulas (December 6), obedient children will receive their gingerbread gifts in the Czech Republic. In addition, gingerbread cookies will be waiting in the advent calendars. And this is not only for children, but also for adults. And this is not to mention Christmas itself, when it is customary to visit with gifts and receive guests at home.

A very tasty gingerbread tradition in the Czech Republic turned out!

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Prague gingerbread shop

Prague gingerbread shop

Prague gingerbread shop

Gingerbread museum in Prague. Nerudova 9, Prague Praha 1, Czech Republic.

Prague always has the atmosphere of an ancient medieval city. But when you go into this gingerbread shop in Prague, it feels like time has completely stopped: there is gingerbread beauty everywhere, gingerbread baking molds. All this can be bought, immediately women bake gingerbread and paint them right in front of visitors. The extraordinary sensations of a Christmas fairy tale!

The gingerbread shop in Prague has 3 halls and the inspection will take a maximum of 10 minutes. Here are really beautiful Prague gingerbread cookies that you can bring to friends as a souvenir from the Czech Republic. We were before the New Year, so gingerbread was sold in the tradition of Christmas. Depending on the season, the form and design of czech gingerbread cookies change.

This is the most cozy gingerbread shop in Prague. Czech gingerbread pleases the eye, starting from small figures of animals, and ending with huge castles. There are also master classes on cooking gingerbread in Prague. So you can paint yourself a Czech gingerbread. Some of the soft gingerbread is decorated like paintings and each major work is signed – which master made it.

Gingerbread paintings

Gingerbread paintings

Gingerbread and Ginger Museum in Prague. The aroma of ginger and ready-made gingerbread hovers inside, which was very appetizing and pleasant. A huge and very diverse selection of gingerbread, which will amaze even sophisticated lovers.

For children, the Prague gingerbread shop is generally an interesting showroom, because here you can even watch the process of cooking them. Price tags are indicated for each product, so it will be very difficult to make a mistake in the right choice. The gingerbread shop in Prague is a tourist destination, so many people buy gingerbread gifts in the Czech republic.

gingerbread shop

The address of the gingerbread shop in Prague is Nerudova 9, Prague 1, Czech Republic

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