Czech fish soup recipe. Cooking fish soup from carp for Christmas

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How to cook carp soup for Christmas in the Czech republic. Recipe czech fish soup from carp

Czech fish soup

Czech fish soup

In the Czech Republic, carp soup is usually prepared for Christmas, it is a festive generous soup. Why generous? Because milt, caviar and carefully sorted fish pulp are generously added to the soup. Thicken the Czech fish soup — it is possible with caviar, you can also add a little flour, kneading everything directly into the soup.

Czech ear is quite easy to prepare, the main thing is to prepare the ingredients correctly. christmas recipe for czech carp ear.

Ingredients fish soup from carp

  • 1 head of carp
  • 700 g finely chopped carp pulp
  • 150 g milk or carp caviar
  • 200 g carrots
  • 200 g of parsley root
  • 200 g celery
  • 1 large onion
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons smooth flour
  • 5 seeds of round black pepper
  • 3 nové koření (special Czech seasoning) — in stores in the Czech Republic it is sold under this name
  • 1 bay leaf
  • Salt
  • nutmeg to taste

Do not forget to prepare croutons from a loaf to decorate carp soup.

Cooking time: approximately 60 min.

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Recipe for carp Christmas soup in the Czech Republic

Preparation of carp ear

1.Clean and prepare fish and vegetables:

  • cut carrots, parsley root and celery into small cubes.
  • cut the fish into large pieces.
  • prepare a medium-sized saucepan, add half of the root vegetables, peeled and uncut fish, as well as pepper, fresh spices (nové koření) and bay leaf. Fill with water (about 1.5 liters) and bring to a boil over low heat. Boil the broth for about 20 minutes, then drain the broth into a separate pan, cool and finely chop the fish. You can also add fresh peas to the broth.
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2.In a clean saucepan or frying pan, heat two tablespoons of butter and add diced vegetables. Fry until golden brown, add finely chopped onion and flour and fry again.

3.Add the roasting to the broth and mix everything well. Add milk and caviar, a pinch of nutmeg and salt to taste. Bring to a low boil and cook for about 15-20 minutes.

4.Cut the loaf into cubes and fry until golden brown in butter. My family and I usually bake crackers in the oven.

In the finished broth, we mix the flesh of the fish and finely chopped parsley. Served with croutons.

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