Skoda Auto University in the Czech Republic

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Skoda Auto University in the Czech Republic

Skoda Auto University in the Czech Republic

The Skoda Auto University was founded in 2000 and became the first and so far the only corporate institution, because its founder is the Skoda Auto enterprise, widely known not only in the Czech Republic, but throughout the world, which is one of the largest European automobile enterprises of the Volkswagen concern!


Thanks to this, Škoda Auto University occupies a unique position among other universities and has significant advantages. For example, the carefully designed training programs of Škoda Auto provide for the mandatory practice of students at the enterprise not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad! Work practice abroad most often takes place in companies such as: Audi AG, Skoda Auto Deutschland GmbH, Volkswagen AG, Bentley Motors Ltd., Skoda Auto United Kingdom, VW United Kingdom, VW Group Ireland, Škoda Auto Slovensko s.r.o., Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s., VW Shanghai, VW Beijing, Audi Changchun, Skoda Auto India Private Ltd. (Pune, Aurangabad), VW Moskva.

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Teaching is conducted not only by scientific specialists and professors, but also by employees of the Škoda Auto enterprise itself, which guarantees the connection of training directly with practice, and various motivational programs are provided for gifted students.
As part of the training, it is possible to obtain the so-called “double diploma”: a special curriculum was developed in collaboration with the Austrian University Fachhochschule Oberoesterreich Steyr and provides for part of the training at a partner university, after which the graduate receives two diplomas at once, Czech and Austrian!

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The university is located in the city of Mlada Boleslav, approx. 50 km. northeast of Prague. More than 1200 students study at Skoda Auto University, and 15% of them are foreigners from more than 23 countries of the world!

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Skoda Auto University

Program: Bachelor’s, Master’s
Specialization: Economics, Banking, Insurance

Undergraduate programs (in Czech and English):

  1. Business Management and Production;
  2. Business Management and Sales;
  3. Corporate finance management.

Duration of study: 3.5 years (7 semesters)

Master’s programs (in Czech, in English – 1.2):

  1. Corporate Finance Management in the Global Environment;
  2. Marketing Management in the Global Environment;
  3. Production Management and Global Business;
  4. Business Law in the Global Environment

Duration of study: 2 years (4 semesters)
Tuition fee per academic year: 1100-1300 Euro

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