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Prague universities in English. University of  New York in Prague

The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) was founded in April 1998 in collaboration with the State University of New York, New Paltz and the State University of New York Empire State College. UNYP is an officially recognized educational institution in the Czech Republic that provides university education, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in English. UNYP programs combine the progressiveness of the American approach with the traditionalism of European education. More than 90 teachers from 16 countries of the world teach at the university. Lectures are given by certified and experienced teachers of the international level, using modern methods that stimulate independent thinking, encourage openness and activity. 79% of teachers have a Ph.D.

UNYP is located in the historical center of Prague. The university has an excellent library associated with the Empire State College library collections, three computer laboratories with the possibility of on-line learning, an office for international students and an employment office.

The University of New York in Prague offers a variety of specialties and provides the opportunity to receive two diplomas at the same time.
NYU Prague has become more open to innovations and technologies that make learning easier and help students continue their studies during COVID. One of them was a subscription to Perlego, which helped UNYP students and faculty to continue the semester uninterrupted during the national lockdown in the Czech Republic.

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Bachelor’s and master’s programs in Prague in English

  • Business Administration American Bc.
  • Communication and Mass Media American Bc.
  • International Economic Relations American Bc.
  • Psychology American Bc.
  • IT Management American Bc.
  • English Language and Literature American Bc.
  • Business Administration European Bc.
  • Finance European Bc.
  • Marketing European Bc.
  • Online Marketing European Bc.
  • Tourism Management European Bc.
  • Aviation Management European Bc.
  • M.A. in Professional and Business Communication Master.
  • M.Sc. in International Management Master.
  • LL.M in International and Commercial Law Master.
  • M.A. in Transport & Logistics Management Master.
  • MBA with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship MBA.
  • MBA with a Concentration in Finance & Banking MBA.
  • MBA with a Concentration in Human Resource Management MBA.
  • MBA with a Concentration in Management MBA.
  • MBA with a Concentration in Management of Information Systems MBA.
  • MBA with a Concentration in Marketing MBA.
  • MBA with a Concentration in Project Management MBA.

Education in the Czech Republic in English at private universities in Prague

Review University of  New York in Prague

University of New York in Prague

Cost of education University of  New York in Prague:

  • American bachelor’s degree in 4 years. 1 year – 9500 USD

European Bachelor’s Degree

Business Administration (Business Administration) – 3 years. 1 year – 7500 USD
MBA – 19 months. 16 800 USD
Masters in Professional Communication and Public Relations – 15 months. 11 000USD
LLM in International and Commercial Law – 12 months. 11 600 USD
Masters in International Management – 12 months. 13 400 USD
European Bachelor’s Degree: Tourism Management and Aviation Management – 3 years. 1 year – 6 600 USD

Comment student University of  New York in Prague Ksenia Pankina:

“UNYP offers two full-time study programs: American and European. European lasts three years, graduates receive a diploma that is valid in any European Union country. The American one is designed for four years, at the end a double diploma of the American and European standard is issued. Tuition at New York University in Prague depends on the number of subjects you take per semester. In addition, you get a discount if you study perfectly.

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In general, at UNYP, teachers and students are good friends. Here it is quite possible to meet teachers at university parties, go with them to taste the famous Czech beer, discuss the problem of the global financial crisis or argue about the BMW advertising company. Personally, the University of New York in Prague taught me to think critically, analyze information from the media, correctly assess any business situation or ethical dilemma.

UNYP is a prime example of American hands-on learning. Many things are explained on specific examples of the economic activity of states and real companies. It turns out that we are even more engaged in the analysis of these examples than in the development of the theoretical base.”

At the moment, more than 700 students from 64 countries of the world study at the university. UNYP graduates hold leading positions in both national and international organizations, and also continue their education at the best universities in the world.

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